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Hulu Will Release A Documentary About Jen Shah’s Arrest Called “The Housewife & The Shah Shocker”

It’s finally happened, people — Bravo has finally graced us with the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City episode featuring the arrest of Jen Shah. Also known as The Great Shah-rrest. Jen and Stuart Smith are being accused of fraud and money laundering after allegedly running a decade-long telemarketing scheme. So the smoke and mirrors show of the Shah Chalet showed its true colors, and it’s not pretty. But it’s making for absolutely amazing television as her co-stars are filmed hearing the news in real-time after the feds descended on the Beauty Lab parking lot. It also probably is great for Heather Gay’s business, but that’s beside the point.

Jen has been taking the Erika Jayne route through this whole thing. She’s been a disaster on social media, is denying everything and exploding on others. She thinks she’ll be able to get the charges that were part of a FEDERAL INVESTIGATION waved away no problem. Sounds about as delusional as our Pretty Mess on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. And now Erika and Jen share something else in common — Hulu documentaries about their legal woes. Sisters in (alleged) crime.

Page Six reports that ABC News plans on releasing a Hulu documentary about Jen’s shady business and fraud allegations. It will be called “The Housewife & The Shah Shocker,” which is just SO on-point. The documentary will be released on November 29 on Hulu and will navigate through Jen’s lavish lifestyle, the allegations, and her portrayal on RHOSLC. I will have a glass of wine and my best furry jacket ready to tune into this one.


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As with the Erika documentary, the Shah Story will feature interviews with some notable figures. Dana “$25,000 sunglasses” Wilkey will make another appearance for some godforsaken reason. The interviews also spoke to Jen’s childhood friends, family members, and former employees that she has serious beef with. The documentary also spoke with a few alleged victims who share their stories about their experiences with Jen, similarly to the alleged victims of Tom Girardi in the first Housewives’ Hulu doc.

The documentary will be required viewing for us Bravoholics who are bonafide law students these days. It’s also interesting, as with the Erika story, because everything is still ongoing. Jen won’t be on trial until March 2022, so her story is far from over. Hopefully, that means ABC News will be releasing more Real Housewives documentaries as the truth comes out.


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