Jen Shah Blames Meredith Marks’ Store Manager For The Green Clutch Incident

Ever the deflector, Real Housewives of Salt Lake City fugitive Jen Shah is shifting blame for the “green clutch” incident.  A lot of questionable incidences involving Jen came up as the cast struggled to process her dramatic arrest and alleged shady business dealings.

Deflection is Jen’s go-to reaction when it comes to any kind of conflict.  Bestie Heather Gay knows it well and accepts her for it.  Meredith Marks, not so much.  Of course, she has had to deal with Jen’s lack of accountability with her social media shenanigans that targeted Meredith’s son Brooks Marks.

And now, Meredith has yet another issue with Jen and her nemesis is again responding without any accountability.  It had to do with an incident in Meredith’s store that she shared with the rest of the RHOSLC cast.  According to Meredith, Jen’s assistant supposedly walked out of the store with a green clutch.  Well, that’s exactly what the video footage shows but, hey, legalities.

Jen is again in denial about any wrong-doing, then shifts blame to Meredith’s employee.  Yes, she actually contradicted video footage on a recent episode of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City After Show. 

First, Jen set the stage.  Her assistant’s name was removed for privacy purposes.  “I bought a couple of things in her store,” she  said, “I bought like a snakeskin clutch.  I bought two of them.  I bought, I don’t know, like, a few other things.”


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Jen suggested the clutch ended up in her possession by accident.  Not her mistake, of course.  She continued, “the girl working at her store put everything in the bag.  We leave, don’t think anything about it. And then…….said he got a call from whoever the girl was that rang us up saying, ‘Oh I think I put something in your bag that you didn’t pay for.’  I’m like, what is she talking about. I bought two purses so I don’t know if she put a third one…. But it sounded to me like it was just a mistake she made by putting something in the bag when she rang it up.  And so……checked it, took whatever it was back up there.  And that was it.”

Not so, according to Meredith.  She stands by her position that Jen’s assistant knowingly removed a clutch.  Well, the video footage shows exactly that.  “They can’t be so stupid to think that in a jewelry store, we don’t have security cameras,” Meredith said, “if they know we know it’s missing, obviously, we’re gonna pull the footage.”

Meredith described what was seen on camera.  “It shows him walking out with this clutch in his hand,” she recalled, “it was not bagged, it was not paid for.  It was literally picked up, and taken out of the store.”

Jen got indignant.  She responded, “pull your footage up.  We were in there, we bought stuff at your store.  If your girl makes a mistake at the cash register and puts something in the bag.  How’s that our fault?  And so the next thing I hear, Meredith is accusing…..of stealing something.”


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“I know how reactive Jen is,” Meredith explained,  “and if anyone makes any accusation of something being taken, I mean, we know where that will go.  I don’t have to get into it.”

What happens after Jen is done deflecting?  Make snarky comments of course.  Here’s her final take-away from this unfortunate event.  She said, “if that’s the truth. Bitch, call the police. Call 911.  If someone stole from you, call 911.  Or, if you think someone on my team, why wouldn’t you call me?  Because it’s bullshit.  We literally were in there to support your little 200 square foot swap meet ok?  And I bought somethings, like I always do to support you.  And like how are you going to twist this into someone stole something?”

Well Jen, how are you going to recompense a potential theft by saying that you bought other items?  Her upcoming trial is going to be massively entertaining.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]