Erika Jayne Launches Hair Extensions Line Amidst $25 Million Lawsuit

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills may be in between seasons, but the Erika Jayne saga goes on. That’s what happens when a show actually focuses on real-life issues rather than puppies and panties — the timeline doesn’t fit so nicely into the reality TV schedule. Erika’s ongoing divorce from Tom Girardi and mountain of legal problems (namely, a $25 million lawsuit aimed right at her) will take months, if not years, to sort out. In the meantime, she’s not shy that she’s looking for a new man and any way possible to build her bank account back up. It’s so XXPen$ive to be Erika, it’s hard to find ways to legally make the money (allegedly allegedly allegedly — don’t need the Ice Queen coming for my measly little bank account, girl).

While Erika and the RHOBH girls are well into filming the next season, Erika decided to launch a hair extensions line, according to Page Six. The line is called Pretty Mess Hair (still unsure who this is exactly marketed at). Erika spoke to the press about all of the extensions she’s worn on stage (during the pop career that Tom bought for her) and on TV (again, another opportunity that Tom’s wealth and power opened up for her).


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The line will offer sewn-in and tape-in extensions because Erika and long-term commitment aren’t exactly copacetic these days. “I’ve definitely had quite an interesting year and being a part of a new business venture is both exciting and refreshing,” Erika said. “Quite an interesting year” is not exactly how I would describe Erika’s behavior toward victims of Tom’s alleged embezzlement. For Erika, it seemed like just another year of ignoring the haters, amplifying the praise, and ignoring anyone whose name isn’t Erika Jayne. I’m sorry, but that’s the truth.

Erika’s trying to have a “comeback” with her pop career (also unclear how she’ll pay for that this time around) to make the most out of her time on RHOBH. To be fair, the Bravo paycheck is really all she has these days, so it’s no surprise she’s trying to capitalize off of it. But something tells me that all of the headlines surrounding Erika (as well as her social media behavior) won’t exactly help sales to regular folks who aren’t her die-hard fans. Regardless, here we have another questionable Real Housewives cash grab. Can I say I’m surprised? Not at all.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]