Erika Jayne Wants $25 Million Bankruptcy Lawsuit Tossed

On the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, Erika Jayne revealed that Tom Girardi’s legal issues would take lengthy time to resolve.  Erika was forced to answer host Andy Cohen’s questions, and was challenged by some of her cast mates. It was very emotional.  The Pretty Mess star is clearly still trying to come to terms with feelings of abandonment as her ex-husband’s financial, legal, and mental decline left her vulnerable to the fallout of his alleged wrong-doings.

What will come to pass in courts will not take Erika’s tears and emotions into account.  So while the former Mrs. Girardi believes herself uninvolved, there’s still a legal process to navigate before that can be made official.

Erika’s $25 million lawsuit is still in process, yet she has been claiming her innocence since the suit was filed.  It suggests that Tom financed her lavish lifestyle with money earmarked for victim payouts.  Financial forensics suggests the money was funneled directly from the Girardi Keese Law Firm into Erika’s EJ Global accounts.  And the lawyer heading the case sued Erika to payback the money spent on her career and lifestyle.

According to an article by Radar Online, EJ Global was closed and replaced by Pretty Mess, Inc in January 2021 and the lawsuit questions the timing and intention in creating the new company.  Erika denies any wrongdoing, and gave a statement through her attorney.  “She formed Pretty Mess, Inc. for lawful and legitimate reasons, to have an entity through which she could conduct her business as an entertainer as her separate property following her divorce filing against Mr. Girardi in early November 2020,” the statement reads.


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Indeed, EJ Global was intertwined with Tom’s law firm as Girardi Keese resolved all the finances of the business.  Erika claimed that Tom also filed their personal tax returns, and as a result should not have to pay back any of the $25 million that she is being held accountable for.  New court documents, revealed by Radar Online, claim that Erika wants the suit dismissed.  She is also asking for a list of account payments to the law firm that were specifically deposited by Tom.

It’s in Erika’s best interest to differentiate her personal debt with that of EJ Global.  She said the firm, “was run by attorneys who understood the significance of claiming that an alleged receivable was owed solely by EJ Global LLC, which is that GK’s claim, if it is valid, is limited to the assets of EJ Global LLC.”  In short, EJ Global’s debt is not Erika’s liability, nor should it affect her new company, Pretty Mess Inc.

Another matter were the lottery payments made to Erika in 2012, something that the RHOBH star claimed she knew nothing about.  The trustee of the Girardi Keese bankruptcy case claims that the rights were transferred from Tom to Erika.  It was written, “defendants received more than $242,658 in payments from the State of California Lottery from 2012 to 2021. The Defendants are scheduled to still receive $78,000 in payments from the State of California Lottery in years 2022 through 2025.”
Erika’s attorney responded that her client, “does have not have a recollection of receiving the Lottery Payments, and is currently investigating based on the records to which she has access whether she received any of the lottery payments.”

Erika’s attorney reiterated that she was not responsible or aware of financial wrong-doings.  The attorney stated, “Ms. Girardi at all times was and is an entertainer with a 12th grade education. Ms. Girardi was never and is not an attorney, and she trusted that GK, Mr. Girardi, and the outside accountants, given their superior knowledge and expertise, prepared proper, lawful, and legitimate tax returns.”

Erika’s argument hinges on Tom being “solvent” at the time that he was still paying her bills.  Meanwhile, her divorce is still pending.


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