Los Angeles Times Reporters Refute Erika Jayne’s Claims That She Had No Notice For Bombshell Article About She & Tom Girardi’s Finances

Erika Jayne’s never-ending nightmare story continues. And, to no surprise, someone is accusing the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star of stretching the truth. As Sutton Stracke says, EJ will deny deny deny every allegation about her divorce from Tom Girardi and their mountain of financial problems. She only worries about Erika and convincing people that her acting is the truth. Oh, and still barely speaking a word about the victims, except when Andy Cohen somewhat “forced” her to say something that the month-long reunion. But let’s be real — he’s been more straightforward and stern with his tone toward Candiace Dillard about her “yo mama” comments than he was with EJ. But that’s another conversation.

Thinking back on this season of RHOBH, the Los Angeles Times article that exposed the bombshell allegations facing Tom’s legal firm was a major moment in the story. Some of the women, like Legally Sutton, read the entire thing before pouring their first cup of coffee. Others, like Kyle Richards, literally took months to finish the article that was too long in their opinion. It became a question of whether or not EJ Global LLC. had a heads up about the expose, and that’s why she threw Garcelle Beauvais under the bus — so she’d have an excuse to leave the La Quinta trip early and practice her responses to her so-called friends’ questions. But what’s the point if she’s going to just threaten them anyway?

During the reunion, Erika claimed that she had no heads up whatsoever that the article would be published in the LA Times, and denied that any reporter had reached out beforehand. I’m not only skeptical of Erika because she’s, well, Erika. But I went to journalism school, believe it or not. And I know the first rule of reporting on someone is that you have to ask them for comment before publishing. So when the LA Times published a piece explaining their reporting process for the Erika Jayne story, I was giddy.

Reporters Matt Hamilton and Harriet Ryan were specifically asked if they reached out to Erika while working on the story, and were asked their response to her calling it a “hit piece” on national TV. Matt believes that the discourse surrounding whether or not EJ left the cast trip early because of the article is “frustrating” and “irrelevant” and I totally agree. As he says, it’s a tactic to distract us from the actual allegations written in the piece. Erika’s all about smoke and mirrors.


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However, Matt says they did reach out to Erika prior to printing the story. While they didn’t give her a heads up on the publishing date, they did give her a tight deadline of responding in one day, prior to publishing the story two days later. “We sought comment on the lawsuit that accused the Girardi’s of a sham divorce,” Matt said.

Harriet then answered the question about Erika’s “hit piece” comment. “I thought either she doesn’t know what that term means or she didn’t read it,” Harriet said. What a READ honey. Erika’s probably swearing through her teeth when the actual reporters, who are tied to ethics clauses in their work, exposed her. Hey, LA Times, I have a petition to give Sutton a regular guest column to discuss the ongoings of the Girardi situation with your readers. And let her explore Erika’s attempts at finding another rich man, so she can give him her $600k checks and find another man to take care of her XXPen$ive lifestyle. That is, after she gets rid of those pesky lawsuits.


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