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Kenya Moore And Marlo Hampton Are Reportedly On The Outs Again

It was starting to look like Marlo Hampton was always a bridesmaid never a bride. But all that changed when she was signed on a a full time housewife on Real Housewives of Atlanta. After many, many years as a “friend of”, she has finally made it. We’re not sure exactly what changed, but fans have been begging Marlo to get her peach forever.

One thing about Marlo was she always got right in the middle of the drama, despite her limited role. And she’s had her ups and downs with her castmates since she joined. One such friendship was her back and forth with now ex-housewife, NeNe Leakes. Despite NeNe giving her two cents that she doesn’t think Marlo should get a full time role, Marlo was all about NeNe coming back. But NeNe isn’t the only one Marlo has had problems with. She has a longstanding feud with Twirl Queen Kenya Moore, who is will share the new season with Marlo.

And although it seemed like last year they formed an alliance to take down Porsha Williams, that looks to be over and done with. Especially since Porsha left the show for her own spinoff and to avoid answering questions about her controversial relationship. As reported by Radar Online, both ladies unfollowed each other on Instagram.

Marlo also added a cryptic post to her Instagram story seemingly aimed at Kenya. It read, “I will unfriend, uncousin, unf–k, unco-worker, unfollow, unfamily a draining soul REAL quick.” Kenya has yet to respond with shade of her own but I’m impatiently waiting.

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I seriously doubt anyone is surprised by this turn of events. Fans know that housewives friendships change very fast. And Marlo has made it clear that she doesn’t fully trust Kenya. Marlo said back in April, “Loyalty is really big when it comes to an Aquarius, and when Kenya didn’t invite me to her housewarming party and her birthday party because her and NeNe reunited, that crushed me. Because Kenya and I would be on the phone, she’ll be FaceTiming me outfits, I was out in L.A. at her house.”

She continued, “I’m like, damn, you really called me and asked me how to decorate your party and you didn’t invite me cause you reunited with NeNe? I wasn’t going to come and act crazy at your party cause NeNe was there. So, it’s going to take time.”

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So obviously something happened during filming to make these two hate each other again. It’s a shame too because I really think Marlo and Kenya teaming up would be a force to be reckoned with. But I guess it’s not in the stars. At least not this season.


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