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Marlo Hampton Wants NeNe Leakes And Phaedra Parks To Return To Real Housewives After “Snoozefest” Season; Praises LaToya Ali And Drew Sidora For Bringing The Drama

As Season 13 of the Real Housewives of Atlanta is nearing its end, I can confidently say that it was a bit of a let down. And it’s a shame because it had so much potential. Porsha Williams jumped head-first into activism and even got arrested at a protest. She may or may not have had a little too much fun with Bolo at Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party, but is pleading the fifth.  Bravo gave us a wedding, a few break-ups and make-ups and even some brand-new cast members. But still, the season was a snoozefest. Particularly when it came to most of the peach holders.

Thankfully, the friends-of RHOA saved the day. Newbie LaToya Ali got into it with everybody. She shaded Drew Sidora’s wig, which ignited a season-long feud. She’s fought with Falynn Guobadia, Porsha and even her bestie Kenya Moore, who had a crush on her. And, as always, Marlo Hampton was a major highlight – even getting in the middle of the Kenya and Porsha feud. And wearing hazmat suits to events like a queen.

And apparently, I’m not the only one who’s noticed how boring this season was. Marlo recently told E! Online that she also sees a need for the girls to step up on the show. She even said it herself, “we have to admit it was kind of a snooze fest in the beginning until we got to South Carolina.” Agree. But rather than revamping the cast, Marlo thinks the ladies need to just pull a Lisa Rinna and freakin own it. 

“I would love to see every lady that’s on our cast now living their truth,” she said. “Be honest. Bring back the old Housewives of Atlanta. Bring it back when it was [Phaedra Parks] and NeNe [Leakes]. Keep it real. Call me out on sh*t.” To be fair, it seems like a return from NeNe is out the window since her Bravo boycott. But Phaedra truly is the gift that keeps on giving, so a comeback might be just what the show needs.


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Marlo went on to give a reason as to why the show isn’t as entertaining. “It’s because these girls are finally making decent money and they’re thinking they’re all that, and they’re sitting on this pedestal. And it’s like, baby, get you to work and tell your truth and stop making these fake relationships, these fake stories, and be real. Because you’re too worried about being politically correct.” While Marlo might have a point, the RHOA women haven’t exactly been that politically correct this season. See Kenya’s Halloween costume or comments about Drew’s weight.

She added that the girls are just not “bringing it like they should.” “I only can give you what Marlo has, and the real story of Marlo. You may not relate to it, but guess what? Someone else will. And that’s all I can do.” Again, why does Marlo still not have a peach in her hand already? It’s lonngggg overdue.


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She did give credit to the newbies, particularly LaToya and Drew, for bringing something to the table this season. “[Latoya], she reminds me of the old Marlo and Kenya,” Marlo said. “Young, crazy, raw. You don’t know what the hell you’re going to get, but I have to say she helped this damn season. How about that?” It sounds like Marlo isn’t going to be happy when she hears the news that LaToya might be done with RHOA after just one season. At least she came and went with a bang, to say the least.

It’s likely that Marlo’s old pal Porsha will not be happy about these comments, as she’s said that Marlo has just ridden NeNe’s coattails for years. But she’s probably just still upset that Kenya’s trying to expose her for possibly sleeping with Bolo, and Marlo seems to be on her side. We’ll just have to see this drama unfold at the reunion, which LaToya may or may not be faking sick to skip. 


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