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Kenya Moore And Marlo Hampton Seemingly Shade Porsha Williams Following Engagement To Falynn Guobadia’s Ex-Husband Simon Guobadia

If there’s one thing that fans can rely on when it comes to the Real Housewives of Atlanta, it’s the ever-present feud between Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams. Since their first season together, they’ve never gotten along. And despite a short reconciliation during Season 12 during their coinciding pregnancies. But once Twirl began the crusade to expose Porsha’s possible rendevous with Bolo, and brought Marlo Hampton on the ride, they went right back into their old ways.

So it’s no surprise that once Porsha’s new engagement to Simon Guobadia, otherwise known as the ex of Falynn Guobadia, fans wanted to know what Kenya had to say. While Twirl is known as the ultimate villain of RHOA, she’s strategic with her shade and can stir a pot like no other. So there’s no doubt she felt vindicated watching the response to Porsha hooking up with her former friend’s freshly divorced ex-husband. And then denying the friendship entirely, even though she was filmed talking about it on live TV. It’s an entertaining day for #TeamTwirl no doubt.

And while Porsha and Marlo used to be tight, Season 13 changed all of that. Marlo started questioning Porsha’s interactions with Bolo, and #TeamPorsha went on attack mode. Porsha and Shamea Morton made some pretty serious accusations about Marlo involving alcohol, drugs, liposuction and her long-ago legal problems. It made fans question whether Porsha is able to be a good friend, or just liked to keep a circle of people who are in her corner no matter what and on the defense for her. And Miss Marlo Hampton doesn’t put anyone first but herself, so that wasn’t going to work for her.

So it was no surprise that these two shady ladies had some opinions to share with the internet after the news of Porsha’s new relationship broke. Kenya took to Twitter to post a video of Nicki Minaj screaming “DID I LIE?” on repeat right after the news broke, and Twirl is no dummy when it comes to timing. She also retweeted a viewer who posted a gif from Dance Moms with the caption “Me On my way! to join Team Twirl.”


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And #TeamTwirl showed up in the comments of Kenya’s reaction video. “Yup bestie you’re right again,” one fan said, accompanied by a Kenya Moore fan cam. “Its the we not friends for me. They were never friends when they fucking the friend man,” another tweeted, with a photo of Porsha, Falynn and Shamea together. In response to that photo, another fan tweeted “weren’t we introduced to Falynn as her close friend for her intimate celebration party? make it make sense!” To answer the question: yes, her intro to RHOA was as a friend-of Porsha. Who’s breaking girl code now?

And even some fans of Porsha couldn’t defend her this time around. “Chile–even with Bravo giving Porsha the “angel” edit, her energy never gave what y’all think it gave,” a fan said. “I always rode hard for Porsha, can’t side with her on this one. so so messy LEVELS to the mess,” another person added. 


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And now we go to Marlo, the queen of glamorous Instagram shots filled with low-key shade. After the news broke, Marlo posted a fabulous photo of herself dripping in jewels. “It’s the audacity for me!” she captioned the shot. Iconic, and exactly why she deserves a peach. Falynn and LaToya Ali do as well to give their opinion on this fresh mess.


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