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Marlo Hampton Still Doesn’t 100% Trust Kenya And Is Keeping Her At Arm’s Length

Marlo Hampton has been a friend-of staple on Real Housewives of Atlanta forever now. We’ve seen all of her friendship ups and downs and this season is no different. Marlo and Porsha Williams seemed to be on good terms. On the other hand, Marlo and Kenya Moore continued to hate on each other. All over crappy room accommodations and who got plastic surgery on their butt.

That changed when our ATL Queen Porsha got hot and heavy with a stripper named Bolo at Cynthia Bailey’s bachelorette party. United in mess, Kenya and Marlo buried the hatchet in agreement that Porsha slept with Bolo. Something that Porsha vehemently denies. Of course Porsha expects little else from Kenya but seemed pretty upset knowing that Marlo was doubting her as well. 

Porsha isn’t the only one side-eying Marlo’s relationship with KenyaMarlo recently spoke with Entertainment Tonight and said while they do have a friendship, she doesn’t trust Kenya “100%”. Well, how about that? Marlo has hitched her alliance wagon to someone she doesn’t even fully trust? All over Porsha *possibly* hooking up with a stripper? The shade of it all.

Marlo went on to say of Kenya, “We just need time. I just need to know Kenya really is loyal to me.” Good luck with that.


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Marlo continued, “Loyalty is really big when it comes to an Aquarius, and when Kenya didn’t invite me to her housewarming party and her birthday party because her and NeNe [Leakes] reunited, that crushed me.” Remember the good old days when Marlo and NeNe were thick as thieves and then weren’t and then sort of were again? Marlo sure knows how to maintain a friendship!

She went on to explain, “Because Kenya and I would be on the phone, she’ll be FaceTiming me outfits, I was out in L.A. at her house. I’m like, damn, you really called me and asked me how to decorate your party and you didn’t invite me cause you reunited with NeNe? I wasn’t going to come and act crazy at your party cause NeNe was there. So, it’s going to take time.” Not sure why Marlo is so pressed about that one particular incident but it seems anything can cause a rift with these ladies.


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It’s going to take time indeed. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if these two were on the outs again by the time we publish this article. Neither Kenya nor Marlo have a decent track record when it comes to friends. And they are both messy as hell. I guess time will tell.


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