Lala Kent Says Randall Emmett Said She Used To Be “Fun, Kinky, And Sexy” Until She Got Sober

The breakup between Lala Kent and Randall Emmett is getting really nasty at this point. While Randall has yet to really say anything about the split, Lala has plenty. And it’s not good. Lala, who shares a baby daughter with Randall, has alluded to her ex a narcissist and a liar. She admits that there were “red flags” passed her by. She has accused him of cheating with “many” women. She recently revealed of the alleged cheating,“This has been going on for quite some time. It’s been kind of repeated behavior that I have found out about.” She then added, “It’s not just one person. It’s many.” Oof.

Now the Vanderpump Rules star is opening up about their private sex life. Lala appeared on a recent episode of the podcast “Juicy Scoop With Heather McDonald” and talked about just how cruel Randall could be. Host Heather McDonald began, “You said [on Watch What Happens Live] that you kind of believe the shift in him and him not being truthful to you happened after you became sober.” Lala responded, “Yes. And there was a comment made and I don’t want to say who he made this comment to, but they came to me and it was after the pictures had been leaked. I was getting my ducks in a row.”

Lala continued, “This person comes to me and says ‘Randall said to me “Lala used to be really fun, kinky, and sexy, but you know then she got sober.”’ And that was like taking a fucking bullet.” She added, “Being sober is the best thing that’s ever happened to me, no thanks to him.”


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She also revealed that Randall gave her an ultimatum about drinking. Said Lala, “He has said to me ‘If you ever pick up a drink again, we’ll be done.” Lala concluded, “When I watch him or I see anything, I’m like this mask cannot stay on forever because I see it now.”

I’m not going to lie, up until this point, I have had zero sympathy for Lala in this breakup. Regardless of what happened, I don’t think that airing out all of your dirty laundry  is the best idea. Especially while your wounds are still fresh. But Lala is an open book and let’s face it, she needs to earn a living now. Or maybe she just wants to speak her truth. Either way, if Randall did use her sobriety as an insult against her, he really is disgusting.

Not matter how you feel about Lala, her sobriety is something that should be admired. And any partner that takes away from that isn’t worth sh**.


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[Photo Credit: Bravo]