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Lindsay Hubbard Says She’s Single Amidst Rumors That She’s Dating Carl Radke

If you’ve been tuning into Winter House, you know there are a whole lot of messy relationships going on between the Summer House and Southern Charm cast. Paige DeSorbo is living her best life with Andrea Denver prior to settling down with Craig Conover after filming. But the MESSIEST relationship in the house stems from none other than Austen Kroll. Are we shocked? I’m just shocked at the women for going after Austen so hard when Andrea is RIGHT THERE. Like, hello? Is everyone OK?

Austen found himself in the middle of a love triangle, leading on both Ciara Miller and his good pal Lindsay Hubbard. Austen’s been nothing short of a jerk about the whole situation. He’s taking jabs at Lindsay, complementing Ciara right in front of her, and denying any wrongdoing for leading Hubb House to believe she was his Budweiser. As Linds said, she’s not a backburner girl. So if you can’t handle it Austen, take off the pot.

Linds and Austen are NOT on good terms right now by any means, and I don’t really blame her. It also looked like she moved on (or should I say, back on) to bigger and better things this Halloween by sparking romance rumors with Carl Radke. Carlito might not be in the Winter House with his friends, but that doesn’t mean he’s out of the mess. The word on the street was that Carl and Lindsay rekindled their romance, but she’s saying not so fast.


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In a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Lindsay gushed about her best amigo for life AKA Carl. She said the pair live in the same building, so they are always together. “Um, you know, I’m single, if that answers the question,” she added. Bummer, I lowkey ship them together. Andy Cohen even asked if they were just friends with benefits, and Lindsay said no.

Dang, but that means Carlito is still on the market, which has to make a lot of Bravo fans happy. At least Lindsay is doing her own thing and distancing herself from Austen’s toxicity. That’s EXACTLY what needs to be done so Austen can shut his muppet mouth and find someone else to put on the backburner.


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