Brittany Cartwright Is “Not Sure” If Jax Taylor Is Friends With Randall Emmett Following Lala Kent Split; Says She Is “Team Lala”

It’s time to “pick a side.” Lala Kent made no bones about telling her friends these very words after her breakup with fiancé Randall Emmett. Let’s face it, after we saw the reports of Randall cheating on Lala, we knew it was going to get messy. But I’m not sure if any of us were prepared for just HOW messy it would be. You know what they say, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. And the Vanderpump Rules star is definitely scorned.

So it’s not really a surprise that she’s expecting her friends to pick a team. As much as I dislike Lala, I would be doing the same. Plus, weren’t they all just using him for his PJ anyway? That includes Lala. As for what she demands of her friends, Lala recently said, “It’s just a situation where I was forced to tell people, and I hate even being this person, but you’ve got to pick a side. Even if you pick his, totally fine, but just know that I don’t f–k with you anymore.”

Well one castmate has already made up her mind and that’s Brittany Cartwright. Which doesn’t exactly surprise me. Brittany got zero out of the relationship with Randall. Her husband Jax Taylor on the other hand…but we will get to that. As reported by E! News, Brittany said she’s “team Lala all the way.” She added, “I feel for her for everything she’s going through. She’s an incredible mom.” And Brittany should know a thing or two about how hard it is being a new mom, breakup or not. She’s also a new mom to baby Cruz, all while juggle her man-baby of a husband Jax.


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I said I would get to Jax right? Well, as far as his relationship with Randall goes, Brittany seems to be in the dark. She said, “Jax and Randall were super close.” Super close as in Randall was pretending to mentor Jax with his budding “producer” career. Which was basically the updated version of his chunky sweater line. Rip Sweaters by Jax! Anyway, Brittany continued of Jax and Randall, “I’m not really sure exactly what’s going on with them, but let me just say I’m team Lala. I hope the best for her and Ocean [Kent Emmett] and their entire family.”

It’s nice that Brittany is supporting her friend but let’s be real – do we think that Jax is really going to give up Randall, one of the few meal tickets that he has left? After being fired from VPR, Jax and Brittany really have nothing going on, despite Jax’s sad attempts to make us think otherwise. I guess he could always focus on his children’s book? Either way, something tells me that the Jax and Randall bromance might be as dead as Randall’s relationship with Lala.


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[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]