Kelly Dodd Slams Bravo For Keeping Criminals And Firing Her For “Being Conservative”

I had a feeling that once Kelly Dodd finally got the boot from the Real Housewives of Orange County that she would go totally off the rails. And based on her recent behavior, it looks like she’s (unfortunately) proving my theory to be correct. 

Kelly got the boot from Bravo, which she literally said she saw coming, and is kicking and screaming on her way out. She blames Braunwyn Windham-Burke for both of them getting a pink slip, even though Kelly’s bad behavior stands on its own. To make matters worse, her hubby Rick Leventhal also just lost his job at Fox News. So if you thought Kelly was angry before, now she’s on another level. At least she deleted her Twitter to spare herself from even more self-inflicted embarrassment.

Kelly’s firing has been a long time coming. Truthfully RHOC took a turn for the worst the second she came onto the scene. We all should’ve listened to Heather Dubrow’s intuition at the time. But according to screenshots from All About The Real Housewives on Instagram, Kelly is continuing to lash out and throw everyone under the bus on her way out.

The Instagram post shows several exchanges Kelly’s had with fans since she was let go. First, a fan asked if she was fired because of all her “bullying”. And Kelly gave the most Kelly response ever. “No because I’m conservative! That’s why I got fired pure and simple,” Kelly wrote. Alright girl whatever you have to tell yourself to sleep at night. Plenty Real Housewives from various cities lean conservative. The only difference is they don’t make tone-deaf and harmful statements and try to play it off as if people are only upset with them because of their political beliefs.


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Another fan pointed out that Emily Simpson is conservative. But Kelly wrote she got to stay because “she doesn’t open her mouth.” Alright then. And to show her utter delusion, one fan wrote that Kelly should start her own show now that she lost her orange. “Everyone is saying that .. thank you,” she responded. WHO is everyone? Maybe she and Rick can start a YouTube channel for their 15 fans to keep up with the vitriolic opinions that swirl around Kelly’s brain. Because we know it’s impossible for her to keep those to herself.

Another fan wrote a lengthy comment in support of Kelly, blaming Bravo for being biased on the show when it comes to political beliefs and other factors. Kelly took the opportunity to bring several housewives from other cities into the mix. “How about the felons?? I guess you have to steal money from burn victims, hit cops, commit wire fraud, steal from old people get DUI’s. And then you can keep your job with Bravo.”


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No wonder Fancy Pants has been adamant recently regarding her non-existent friendship with Kelly. These are fighting words. I wonder what Teresa Giudice and Luann de Lesseps would have to say about this, but something tells me they are unbothered by Kelly Fraud’s opinion.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]