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Margaret Josephs Says She Revealed Bill Aydin Affair Because Of Jennifer Aydin’s Hypocrisy; Claims She Never “Wanted To Hurt” Bill

This week we were blessed with the premiere of the new season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. The show did not disappoint in its first episode, giving us the perfect combination of humor, drama, and some feel good family time. I think RHONJ is the franchise which is most centered around family – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

This season looks like it is going to be a difficult one for the Aydin family with Jennifer Aydin and her husband Bill Aydin having to navigate the exposure of Bill’s previous affair with a colleague at his old workplace. No marriage is perfect, and every marriage has its ups and downs, but it seems that Jennifer’s insistence on portraying the perfect family and marriage, whilst also putting others’ relationships down has come back to bite her.

In the first episode of this season we saw Margaret Josephs, who has been feuding with Jennifer on and off camera for some time, reveal that Bill had an affair which caused him to leave his previous job. What I found most strange was, that Jennifer’s reaction wasn’t what I expected – instead of being shocked and reacting in an explosive way, she actually corrected Margaret who had said he had a relationship with his office manager by telling her it was actually with a pharmaceutical rep.

The look on Jennifer’s face seemed to me like the was expecting the affair to come to light. And that’s understandable, you’re on a reality show – expect ALL of your skeletons to come out. But of course it must still hurt the Aydin family and their kids.

Margaret however is insistent that she never did it to hurt them, especially Bill. This is difficult to comprehend – she had to have known that doing this would open a wound and fracture a family with young kids. But she claims, that it was justified given Jennifer’s incessant put downs and slut shaming of her own family.


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Speaking to Page Six, Margaret explains “I mean, I knew it to be true, I’ve known for a long time. You’ve seen me in previous seasons; I hit a nerve, like, I’ve known this. I never wanted to say it.” . She further continues to defend her actions of dropping the affair bombshell by sating that she did it because Jennifer is a hypocrite and not honest. She added, “I was like, ‘You’re not honest and you’re not honest with everybody.’ And it’s bad. And I think that’s why I had said it,”.

Margaret revealed that she likes Bill but felt pushed into a corner of bringing the affair out into the public domain because “coming off of last season and the chastising of me for the sexual harassment and everything else and you know, the hypocrisy of it all to me”.

Speaking of Bill she explained “I just want to say that I adore Bill,” . She added, “I live for him. He’s the best. So I don’t want to say — I’m not saying anything negative about him, because everybody makes mistakes, right, things happen.” Whilst this may be true, I don’t think appreciates that she aired a huge secret about his family and marriage on national television.

It seems that although Margaret does like Bill, she can’t stand Jennifer constantly making him out to be the best husband in the world, and hurling insults at Margaret’s marriage, family life, and past with sexual assault. She pointed out – “The truth is, he cannot be made to be on a pedestal and amazing, [or that] he’s the greatest and I am the worst person ever … the way I met my husband, saying I slept my way to the top, and all these awful things.”


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Jennifer has said some fairly nasty things about Margaret, particularly last season, and has repeatedly made degrading comments about Margaret. She shouldn’t have done that, especially when she knew her marriage and family life had never been perfect either, but I still can’t help but feel bad for Jennifer and her family for having to (re)live through this very public exposure of a family secret.


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