Jennifer Aydin Calls Margaret Josephs “Slutty”; Margaret Slams Jennifer For “Victim Shaming” And Treating Her Husband As A “Meal Ticket”

This season of the Real Housewives Of New Jersey has proven that it really is one of the best franchises on Bravo. Every episode has been filled with drama and gossip, and even the husbands have been getting involved. And the feud between Jackie Goldschneider and Teresa Giudice came to head this week, and everyone got involved in the screaming match.

One consistent feud throughout the episode was between Margaret Josephs and Jennifer Aydin, which isn’t surprising considering their rocky past. And not only did they go back and forth on-screen, but they took the fight to Twitter during the episode.

If I’m being honest, both of them are in the wrong. Marge puts down Jennifer, who is a stay-at-home mom, by always saying she doesn’t work. And it’s not even the first time. She also called her a sloppy drunk after Jen drank too much tequila at Tre’s pool party. And Jennifer called out Joe Benigno for also hearing the rumor about Evan Goldschneider, which obviously pissed Marge off. It was truly explosive and took a dark turn when Jennifer called Marge “sloppy” for sleeping with her boss. Earlier in the season, Margaret told a painful story about feeling pressured to sleep with her older boss to be successful, so it was a low blow.

And if that wasn’t enough, they got into it on Twitter. Marge first subtweeted Jen, saying, “If you don’t want my opinion on your marriage don’t give me your opinion on mine.” And then she brought up Jen’s dig by tweeting, “Victim shaming is an all time low. I shared a vulnerable moment that was very painful.”

A “fan” of the show responded to the tweet, “You weren’t a victim he didn’t rape you…you made that decision like are you tone deaf.” People are so vile behind their computer screens. Marge clapped back, saying “So I had to be raped to be a victim? You are tone-deaf to the world.”


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Margaret was not letting Jennifer’s comment go, shading her again for staying at home with her kids. “I’ve been my own boss at my own company for 21 years. So not sure who I’d be sleeping with to get here,” she said. “At least I’m at the top. You only slept your way to Paramus,” Marge tweeted. Again, this is so unneccessary.

Fans were quick to jump to Jen’s defense, calling Marge out for shaming stay-at-home moms. “You are belittling the role of a stay at home mom ..everyone women should be celebrated for the career they choose and that includes being a mom and having a one income family find a better talking point all women roles are important !You can be on the top as a stay at home mom,” a viewer tweeted. And Marge responded, clarifying that her comments were specific to Jennifer, not stay at home moms in general. “She is a great mother. I will save it for the reunion,” Margaret said. Boy I am already pumped about the reunion and it hasn’t even been filmed yet.


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Another fan pointed out that it was hypocritical for Marge to shame Jen when Margaret has been a stay-at-home mom herself, along with the rest of the cast. “Stay at home moms have the hardest job and contribute the most to the world. I did it . In my opinion her behavior is  tone deaf in this climate and she treats her husband as a meal ticket. Just as she has her opinions about me,” Marge tweeted. She really loves to shame Jen for not making her own money, even though she seems to be doing just fine.

Even Margaret fans were disappointed, saying that they know she’s “better than this.” A Marge owned up to the pettiness, “it was a snide comment I agree. I guess I didn’t take kindly to being told I slept my way to the top.”


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Annnd this is the moment Jennifer decided to come in hot. “You’re at the top?? You must have some short people around you- and you’ve slept with EVERYONE ELSE! You’re not drunk , but you’re sloppy- at least I had an excuse,” she tweeted. This was only the beginning. “And you’re slutty and everyone knows it – Don’t start none, won’t be none,” Jen tweeted. Are we really still slut-shaming in 2021? Like come on Jennifer, you’re so quick with clapbacks you have to come up with something better. “And This tweet is not even about her boss,” she continued. “It’s about all her other sex story she tells- don’t act like this is the first you’re ever heard- enough already! We get it! Plus: she started.”I think everyone just needs to LOG OFF IMMEDIATELY.

Then, as if it couldn’t get more involved, Marge Sr. comes in to defend her daughter: “Obviously @JenniferAydin doesn’t know what sexual harassment is she should read more and get understanding how horrible it is for the victim who has no control shame on you @JenniferAydin for blaming Margaret this just shows how uneducated you are.” A fan responded by saying that there is a difference between sleeping with your boss and sexual harassment. Marge Jr. politely told them to educate themselves on the #MeToo movement.


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And if you thought that was the end, just keep your seatbelts on. We have even more to go. Margaret then subtweeted a response to Jen saying that she was taking out her childhood memories of her mom drinking out on her by calling her a sloppy drunk. “My memories are not repressed and I’m not projecting. You behaved sloppy and everybody knows it,” Marge said.  Like we get it, Jen drank too much. She knows it, Bill Aydin and his puke-stained car definitely know it too. Let’s just let this go.

Jennifer still had some fight in her and did not take lightly to Marge calling her a “concubine” during her confessionals. “Concubine?? You’re gonna pull a muscle with all that reaching You guys have gotten to know me and Bill– I think you all know who wears the pants in this relationship,” Jen tweeted.

And she had to respond to Marge saying Bill is her “meal ticket.” “5 pregnancies within 10 years, the last of which I was on bed rest. A meal is the least he can do,” she tweeted.

And finally, she had to remind everyone one last time that Joe B. brought up the rumor at boys night. “The proof is in the pudding,” Jen tweeted. It’s probably because she and Tre think Mags knew about the rumor before it was brought up at Evan’s party. And it’s obviously not something Margaret is trying to face at all.


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