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Margaret Josephs Reportedly Spread A Rumor That Jennifer Aydin Cheated On Bill Aydin Years Ago; Jennifer Disputes Claims That Bill Cheated On Her Recently

Even though this summer is filled with plenty of drama-filled reality TV shows, the future is looking pretty bright for Bravoholics. We’re in for a crazy second season of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. The Real Housewives of Orange County are filming, with a revamped cast including the return of Fancy Pants Heather Dubrow. And, as always, our Real Housewives of New Jersey girls are rumored to be bringing it while filming next season. But are we surprised? No one does it like NJ.

The RHONJ ladies are headed into Season 12 with most of the same cast members, but a whole lot of new drama. Jackie Goldschneider and Teresa Giudice somehow found a way to get past the analogy of it all to be friends. However, Jennifer Aydin seems to be on ice with the group. Not a total shock, considering her expert-level shade-throwing toward Jackie, Margaret Josephs and Melissa Gorga. And, as always, there are rumors of cheating allegations and explosive fights between the Jorsey girls next season, which in my humble opinion, will never get old.

And according to recent rumors swirling around RHONJ Season 12the heat will be on Jen and Bill Aydin. It isn’t a total surprise considering the RHONJ mean girl trio has been trying to get Jen’s goofy self out of Tre’s ass and off the show for a minute now. But Jen’s a gift that keeps on giving — she knows how to bring the drama and show her marriage, her family, and more for authentic storylines. While she’s divisive, I just can’t quit her.

So The Sun reports that Marge is spreading a rumor, while the cameras are rolling, that Jen has a history of cheating on Dr. Bill. The “source” didn’t explain who Jen has allegedly been rendezvousing with, so who knows how valid it is. They also claim that MelGo, the Marge and Jackie with the Bad Extensions are “demanding that if Teresa Giudice wants to have peace with them, she needs to distance herself from Jennifer.” Now THAT’S low.

Girls, let’s play fair. Ousting Danielle Staub after her history of bad behavior is one thing. But it sounds like the girls are intimidated by Jennifer’s real storylines (*cough cough* Melgo) and are finding any way to get her out.


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Jen has apparently been left with “no one to film with” aside from Dolores Catania (queen) and the alleged newbies. The three mean musketeers are allegedly trying to get Jen fired, but Bravo doesn’t always play that way. “This has been creating extreme animosity between Teresa and Jennifer on and off camera over the past couple months,” the “source” said. Which, if true, is disappointing. Jen’s been a loyal Tre soldier since she stepped on the scene. Tre needs to learn to be truly loyal in return.

The rumors about Jen’s alleged cheating also come at the same time rumors are swirling around Dr. Bill. Coincidence, or plotted takedown? Who knows. According to a blind item by @bravoandcocktails on Instagram (reposted by @bravo_boo), there’s word on the street that Bill “cheats on Jennifer consistently” with a sales rep that frequents his office. Say it ain’t so. I’ll believe it when I see the proof. Their relationship is just too good to not be true.


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The source of the blind item claims that at a New Year’s Eve party in Jersey last year, the alleged other woman invited this person to go on vacation with her and Bill to St. Barths. Sketchy. “She said he’s a creep and has always hit on any of the hot sales reps that came into his office. Jennifer knows but looks the other way,” the “source” said. Alright, COME ON NOW. We’re supposed to believe that Jennifer, who has no issues bringing up rumors about other cast member’s marriages, does so while knowingly cheating on her husband/allowing him to cheat on her? Something’s fishy here, and it sounds like it could’ve been started by a “trout mouth,”  in the words of Miss Staub.

Jennifer seemingly responded to the rumors in a TikTok, reposted by @rhonjobsessed. She showed in the video that she’s the “keeper” of her family’s passports, including Bill’s. “When Bill wants his passport, he asks me for it,” she says. She proceeds to go through his passport to show that since it was issued in 2018, he’s only traveled to the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic. Therefore, the rumors of a secret St. Barth’s trip couldn’t have been true. “And that’s it. Sorry to burst your bubble, folks,” Jennifer says. I love a queen with receipts.


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