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Teresa Giudice Is Open To Reconciling With Jacqueline Laurita

The latest season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey hit our screens last week and we are once again fully immersed in the life of Teresa Giudice. Whether it’s the ups and downs of her marriage, new relationship or her friendships, we are always in for a wild ride in Teresa’s world.

At the beginning of her RHONJ journey, we met her and her then BFF Jacqueline Laurita. The duo were a real friendship, going back years, and it was such a shame to see all of that fall and crumble before our eyes. Whilst the two have attempted to reconcile back in season 7, it didn’t last. 

But it seems Andy Cohen like many of us are still rooting for the two of them to get back together. This week, Teresa was in the Watch What Happens Live clubhouse with Andy and her daughter Gia Giudice. Andy asked a fan question – “where do you stand with Jacqueline?“. He shared his thoughts, “I mean I think its time for you and Jacqueline to have a little summit in Vegas and just let bygones be bygones, I feel It In the ether”. So do we Andy, so do we! Maybe at the next Bravocon?

Teresa didn’t seem to object to the thought and actually revealed that she’s open to mending things. She shared, “well my future sister in law is starting her own business with an app called ‘forgivity’ and she’s telling me I need to forgive and move on, so yeh maybe I would be open to that”. (I love how Teresa never misses an opportunity to market something – even her fiancé Luis Ruelas’ sister’s projects.)


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Whilst I may be skeptical as to why she needed an app to tell her to forgive and forget, we’ll take it if it means we can see the two housewives come together. Teresa has hinted before that she’s willing to let things go when she told Andy back in May 2021 that she would speak with Jacqueline again, and equated the end of their friendship to a really bad divorce. And just this week, Teresa also told Andy on that she would probably still be friends with Jacqueline if she hadn’t done the show.

Given that Teresa divorced her ex-husband and Joe Giudice and is still on good terms with him (to the extent where she’d invite him to her upcoming nuptials), we have high hopes that there is light at the end of the tunnel in this friendship divorce. It is clear that Teresa is really hurt by the demise of her relationship with Jacqueline, but it looks like (hopefully) it’s not the end of the road.


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