Ciara Miller Shares Where She Stands With Austen Kroll Today After Summer House Drama

PUH-LEASE tell me we are all done talking about the Austen Kroll, Ciara Miller, and  Lindsay Hubbard love triangle. I simply cannot spend another minute watching or writing about this topic. It is so played out! Truly. Not to mention irrelevant. Linds has been with Carl Radke for months. She stated in present time, he is the one. So does anyone care who did who last summer? Yet, we are all still watching Summer House anxiously and curiously…and kind of wondering where are Ciara and Austen now?

To give a 2 second recap (as that is all it is worth)… Austen was besties with Linds for years, even through all her BFs and his GF Madison LeCroy. It was revealed they had some smooches and secret hookups when on breaks from others. Bravo did a crossover resulting in Winter House.  They created this delish series with combined new peeps, plus some from Summer House and a dabble from Southern Charm.

Austen had a thing with Ciara in Vermont while filming Winter House. The thing consisted of hookups, a double date with Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula, and feels caught by Ciara. Austen went to visit Lindsay’s for her B-Day weekend in Summer House. While Ciara was hoping to reconnect with Austen, Linds staked her claim on the Southern Charmer.

Austen spent the weekend making out and flirting with Linds. This blew up the Summer House. The entire cast was reeling in drama and picking teams in the following episodes.

Southern Charm Craig Cononver admitted he didn’t talk to his bestie Austen for a long minute due to his A**hole behavior to Ciara on the Linds‘ B-Day Summer House visit. Craig’s history has proven him not to be a man of the utmost highest standards, so that says something.

The drama hit its peak when Ciara threw wine and her glass at Danielle Olivera during a heated dinner discussions on the ever-so-boring triangle subject. The next day, Ciara made amends with Linds and Danielle – so they could all get through the shrinking summer. Side note: Danielle did recently admit her and Ciara are more like acquaintances not friends.

In Bravo’s The Daily Dish story, Ciara addressed the tensions and her predictions for when Austen came to visit the Summer House. “I don’t think I had any expectations [specifically],” said Ciara on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. “Just like, we were gonna have fun. If he was gonna be kissing someone, it would probably be me.”

Haha! Think again girlfriend. Has Ciara actually met Lindsay? Hello!

Linds is a woman who is pure “go for it” in many aspects of her life.  She has focus and perseverance – whether it be career, a life plan or debauchery. BTW, mad respect after watching her for years. Linds hurts feelings along the way, but she is HER. No one is perfect and life is meant to be lived through experiences. It is hard not to respect her hard charging, in your face, take it or leave it aura. Confidence is usually attractive or gross. Linds’ confidence is sought, whether you agree with her actions or not.

That said, Ciara underestimated Lindsay. Perhaps Ciara thought Linds was over Austen because she was having such a hot girl summer. What Linds wants, she takes, or at least tries to take if she wants.

Enough about that. We are all SO over the triangle storyline. The big question is…WHERE do Austen and Ciara stand now? Hookup material? Dead silence? Friends with bennies? Full on enemies?

“I told him we could say hi and bye,” Ciara said. “And that’s the start and end of our conversation.” While a boring answer, Thank you, girl! We are all proud. You finally saw Austen’s worth, which equals zip, zero, nada.

During the WWHL After Show, host Andy Cohen asked Ciara why she thought Austen kept picking her over Lindsay during his appearance in the Clubhouse. Austen played a game where had to choose between Lindsay and Ciara in various scenarios. “That’s a good question,” she said. “I wish I knew.”

Ciara may be playing coy, or she may not get it. I am willing to bet Austen knows Lindsay is no longer an option. Duh! Austen, being the tool he is, has to keep his options open.  He definitely wants another story line if he happens to finds himself in Winter House Season 2 with an attractive Ciara. No good f**kboy would make such an amateur mistake and completely close the door.

Andy asked Ciara, “Did anything about it strike you, or did you think, ‘Oh, this is the end of Lindsay‘s friendship with him?’” She replied, “No, I really didn’t think it was that alarming. It was a game.”


[Photo Credit: Bravo]