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Meredith Marks Is Still In Touch With Mary Cosby; Says That Mary Is “At Peace With Everything”

Meredith Marks was in the thick of the drama last season on Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. During the infamous RHOSLC trip to Zion, Jen Shah claimed that Heather Gay told her that Meredith was involved in calling the feds on her. Jen was arrested on March 30, 2021, on conspiracy to commit wire fraud and money laundering charges. Meredith denied being involved.

Meredith was furious that Heather and Whitney Rose were questioning whether Meredith was actually at her father’s memorial service. Meredith wasn’t with the group when the Sprinter van was surrounded by law enforcement looking for Jen, sparking theories that she knew the arrest was going down.

Then Lisa Barlow had a hot mic meltdown and said her bestie Meredith was “a whore; she’s f–ked half of New York!” Good times every time this crew goes on a cast trip.

Lisa was triggered by Meredith’s refusal to choose her over Mary Cosby. Mary created plenty of conflict this season. It was alleged that she was running her church like a cult. Mary denied that claim, and Meredith backed her up.

Mary also made several racially insensitive comments this season. She likened Jen to a “thug…like those Mexican people that make all those drugs.” Then she made a remark about RHOSLC co-star Jennie Nguyen’sslanted eyes.” Jennie was later fired by Bravo for her own “offensive social media posts.”

Mary dipped out of the reunion, which disappointed her co-stars and viewers alike. Mary hit up Twitter to share why she didn’t attend the reunion. @thottythoughtss shared a screenshot of her post.

Mary wrote, “I didn’t go to the reunion. Those girls don’t deserve my presence. Whitney [Rose] can go jump on a stripper pole for all I care.” Mary added, “I only care about 1 thing my church. Haters can go jump. PrayForJesus #RHOSLC.”

Andy Cohen was disappointed that Mary didn’t attend the reunion. After all, skipping the reunion usually means the end of the road for a Housewife. “You allow others to control your narrative,” Andy stated.

Meredith spoke with E! News on April 2, 2022, and shared that she had just had a conversation with Mary that morning. “She was just chitchatting away. I was actually with a friend last night who was asking about her,” Meredith explained. “I was like, ‘Oh, let’s call her.’ And we left her [a] voice mail. She called me back this morning.”


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The jewelry designer continued, “She’s doing great. She’s very happy. She’s at peace with everything,” Meredith added. I’m sure that Mary feels fine since she avoided having to answer for her behavior all season.

Andy confirmed that Mary was officially off the show. But would she ever return if given the chance? “I mean, I would never say never. But I don’t think it’s likely,” Meredith commented. Duh.

Meredith said that Season 3 of RHOSLC will deliver on the drama. “I mean, you guys saw season two. It was crazy, and the chaos just continues,” Meredith stated.

At least Meredith is back. In January of 2022, Meredith contemplated leaving the show because “most of the women enjoy spreading lies about me and my family.” It will be interesting to see if Meredith can repair her friendship with Lisa, and what she will do without Mary by her side.


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