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Jen Shah Says Heather Gay Claimed Meredith Marks Admitted To Being Involved With The Feds

During the most recent episode of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Jen Shah and Lisa Barlow almost came to blows in a van on the way to a girls’ get-away in Zion. Jen screamed that all the ladies “believes Meredith [Marks] when she opens her f—ing mouth” but no one stood beside her. Lisa refused to take the heat for how Meredith behaved, and the screaming match worsened. “I’m shutting the f— down right now. Get out of my f—ing face!” Lisa exclaimed.

Fun fact: the RHOSLC cast was in the same van on the day that Jen bailed on the trip to Vail, and the van was swarmed by federal agents looking for her. On March 30, 2021, Jen was arrested. She pleaded not guilty to money laundering and conspiracy to commit wire fraud charges.

Her assistant, Stuart Smith, was also arrested and faced the same charges. He originally pleaded not guilty but changed his plea to guilty. That doesn’t sound Shah-Mazing for Jen.

When Jen was arrested, Meredith wasn’t trying to get the latest on Jen’s situation. Having traveled separately to Vail, Meredith took a luxurious bubble bath and was completely unbothered. Meredith admitted to being confused about what exactly Jen did at her business. Even Jen’s ride-or-ride bestie, Heather Gay, stated, “I knew her business was unsavory.”

Meredith believed that “something was off” before Jen was arrested. “For the record I can say that I did not have anything to do with Jen’s arrest,” Meredith stated.

In fact, Meredith was upset that her RHOSLC co-stars thought that she tipped off the feds. “Not just Jen, but all of the women who are saying this, they all know that this investigation started in, you know, nine years ago,” Meredith stated.

According to toofab, Lisa and Jen broke down what caused the fiery argument on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City After Show. “Heather has told me about Meredith saying she has some involvement with calling the feds. So, when we’re on the bus, Jennie [Nguyen] had told me [Meredith] hired a private investigator,” Jen explained. “On the bus too, they say she lied about having the memorial,” Jen said.

Some of the ladies speculated that Meredith skipped the van ride to Vail not because of her father’s memorial service, but because she knew that the arrest was going down. The federal investigation into Jen’s business was going on for years, so Meredith couldn’t have been the cause of Jen’s arrest.


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Jen said, “S— was shady, everyone’s saying this and Lisa’s just sitting there. So Lisa, that’s your friend for 20 fake years or whatever, what is this?”

Jen continued, “And Lisa tries to play this, ‘I don’t talk about you to Meredith, and I don’t talk to Meredith about you.’ Okay, but bitch when it’s time to vote, vote. You should have an opinion about what’s right or wrong … Answer for your girl!” Jen remarked. I would not want to be on that van. Just saying.

“Tensions were high with me and emotions because this is my life. This isn’t like the hospital smell, okay? This is a real thing that can affect my family and my livelihood,” Jen commented.

“This is not okay if your friend is going around calling private investigators and calling the feds. That’s why I looked at Lisa like, ‘That’s your girl. You defend her, no problem, then defend her right now,'” she added. According to Jen, Lisa’s decision to pull a Meredith and “disengage” is “what pissed me off.”

Lisa believed that Jen’s feelings were “running rampant” during their conversation. Lisa even thought that Jen was joking at first. “And then I’m like, ‘Oh no, she’s serious, Jen has a real issue right now.’ I thought it was going to turn into something physical,” Lisa remarked.


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This was one messy ride to Zion. It’s just another RHOSLC trip that went to hell in a hurry.


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