Kelly Bensimon

Kelly Bensimon Wants To Join New Real Housewives Of New York Show With Alex McCord

News that the Real Housewives of New York will be splintered into two shows has former cast members crawling out of oblivion to express their desire to return.  After a disastrous season plagued with plummeting ratings and a cancelled reunion, Bravo announced a complete cast overhaul for Season 14.  But not to worry, the network promised that our favorite housewives will be salvaged in a RHONY: Legacy series spin off.

There has been a lot of speculation as to which former RHONY housewives would be considered.  But certainly some alums have been very vocal about wanting to return.  Luann de Lesseps was thrilled to hear about the show, and expressed her desire to join.  Jill Zarin, who featured as Bethenny Frankel’s bestie during the early seasons, has offered herself up for casting. Dorinda Medley is interested in returning as well.

But what about some of the less notable Real Housewives? For example, those who left reality TV for more grounded lives.  Kelly Bensimon was a polarizing cast member for three seasons, before leaving the show and becoming a prominent figure in real estate.  The high-profile Douglas Elliman agent told Page Six that she would be excited to return to the show, ideally with underdog Alex McCord in tow.

Kelly explained, “I think people had a misconception of Alex and I.  I protected Alex and I would do it again.”

It’s an odd interpretation of reality, especially considering how Kelly treated Alex during Season 4’s cast trip to Morocco.  Rather than coming to the aid of her supposed friend, who interrupted a henna session visibly upset, Kelly ordered Alex to “re-enter” and prioritized fixing her tattoo.

Luann [de Lesseps] and I were getting these amazing tattoos,” Kelly told the news publication.  “I was super excited about taking this massive leap of faith and getting this sick, sexy henna tattoo.  And she ruined my tattoo because she came in and I moved.  I was very irritated. I was, like, ‘Wait a minute! My sexy moment is over.'”

Even more curious, is that Kelly then accused the theater graduate of being “inauthentic” and “acting” for the cameras.  During a Season 4 confessional, Kelly declared, “Alex has these moments where she’s ‘Alexa’ and she’s still at Northwestern on stage.”

However you’d describe Kelly’s actions towards Alex, though the word patronizing does come to mind, the “I Can Make You Hot” author said she’d be willing to do it all over again for the RHONY spin off.

Kelly declared, ” I would tell her to re-enter.  I would tell her to do all those things again because that’s what friends do.  If she had spinach in her teeth, I would tell her she had spinach in her teeth.”

As appealing as that may sound, Alex has been living in Australia with husband Simon van Kempen and their two sons and seems unlikely to return for filming.

Carole Radziwill and Bethenny Frankel also find the idea of a return unappealing, though no one can fault the Skinnygirl CEO for having bigger priorities Kelly added her two-cents on Bethenny’s unlikely return.  “Look at all the great things she’s doing with Ukraine,” she said, referencing the work of the BStrong founder, “I think she’s kind of graduated out of reality TV and I really don’t think it’s her thing anymore.  I don’t know if it’s a personal front against the franchise.  I think it’s just where she is in her life.”

If Bethenny did return, it would be a chance for a do-over since she and Kelly did not get along before. Kelly’s dramatic fight with Bethenny and impromptu getaway from Scary Island is pretty much her legacy at this point.

Kelly pushed on with the interview, “Yeah, let’s hang out!” she exclaimed about potentially filming with Bethenny again.  “I want to meet her daughter [Bryn Hoppy],” Kelly added. “I want to hang out and paint fingernails and have a popcorn party and do all sorts of fun stuff.”

Random.  But truly, what would Kelly bring to RHONY if she returned? Apparently, she wants to show fans more of upscale living in New York City.

Kelly explained, “That’s really what I would be pushing for, is for you to see more of New York City.  We can scream and argue about whatever it is, but I want you to see the best of the best.”


[Photo Credit: Dia Dipasupil/WireImage]