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Tamra Judge Says Cast Ganged Up On Shannon Beador At Real Housewives Of Orange County Reunion

Shannon Beador joined the cast of Real Housewives of Orange County in 2014. On its ninth season at the time, she entered during the golden age of Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge. Vicki was still dating Brooks Ayers and he continued to drag Vicki down his slimy hole. Tamra was newly married to Eddie Judge and pretending to want a baby with him for her storyline. Heather Dubrow was busy building her dream home. And possibly trying to take down the Beadors. Shannon’s first season was anything but smooth and no amount of lemons in a bowl could change that.

But Shannon prevailed and continued on with the show. She formed alliances. She broke alliances. She got publicly cheated on by husband David Beador. They aired out their dirty laundry in an attempt to save their marriage. It didn’t work. But one constant on the show was Shannon’s back and forth relationship with Tamra. The two broke up and made up so many times it was hard to keep track. But by the end of season 14, Tamra’s long running spot on RHOC had come to an end. Once again, Shannon prevailed.


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Now that Tamra is gone, Shannon entered into new feuds. This season, it was Heather, Gina Kirschenheiter and Emily Simpson that she was up against. And while Shannon and Tamra seemed like they were on anything but good terms off the show, Tamra is firmly Team Shannon from the sidelines.

As reported by Reality Blurb, the Instagram account Two Judgey Girls posted a pic from the reunion, with Shannon on one side and Heather, Emily and Gina on the other. They captioned it, “Seems like a Shannon vs Them in this reunion. Whose side are you on and why is it Queen Shannon?” Comments By Bravo then captured and reposted Tamra’s enthusiastic response. Tamra commented, “Shannon’s!!!! I hate to see a gang up.”


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Ok are we all shocked? Last I heard, Tamra accused Shannon of dropping her once she left the show. Shannon denied it and maintained, “It is not true, and I have text messages to show that. I just choose not to engage in the public. I absolutely was there.”

So what gives? Tamra was the queen of ganging up on people during her time on RHOC. Is she getting soft now that she has left the show? Did she make up with Shannon? Does she hate Heather, Gina and Emily more than she hates Shannon? Or maybe, she has finally matured and sees just how bad it looks when a gang up happens on these shows. Either way, it’s nice to see Tamra finally having Shannon’s back. Even if it’s long overdue.


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