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Crystal Kung Minkoff and Sutton Stracke Slam Erika Jayne’s Disrespectful Behavior Toward Garcelle Beauvais

Not everyone in Beverly Hills is thrilled with Erika Jayne and her shady behavior towards Garcelle Beauvais. Of course, you remember when Erika threw Garcelle’s book in the trash. That image is probably ingrained in your brain. Now, ahead of the season 12 premiere of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Sutton Stracke and Crystal Kung Minkoff are speaking out against Erika’s antics. But does this mean that a Garcelle, Sutton, and Crystal alliance is finally in full force? Not quite.

Erika and Garcelle have been up and down since Garcelle first joined RHOBH, but things went downhill this year while Garcelle was promoting her new memoir, Love Me As I Am. Garcelle posted a clip from the RHOBH season 12 trailer as a way to promote her book, but the clip she posted was of her telling Erika, “I don’t have to make you look bad, you can do that on your own.”

To get back at Garcelle, Erika shared an Instagram Story showing Garcelle’s book in the trash, captioned, “@Garcelle, even though you unfollowed me I’m sure you’ll see this.”

She definitely saw it. Some time has passed since then, and the book is probably degrading somewhere in a landfill at this point. Still, in an interview with E! News, Crystal and Sutton were asked to weigh in on the drama, and they seem to be unapologetically Team Garcelle.

“I did not like that,” Sutton told the outlet about Erika throwing the book in the trash. “I think that when a cast member works really hard on something in their personal life, and they share it with all the cast members, to throw something in the trash, it’s ridiculously disrespectful.”


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Ironically, this interview with E! News happened while Sutton was holding an event promoting her new cashmere line. Now, do you think Erika will throw that in the trash too?

Crystal echoed the same sentiment as Sutton, acknowledging that Erika went a little too far. She said, “Sometimes things are unnecessary, and that was one of them. And I think we all should just support each other and, I don’t know. It’s never easy to walk out with your friends.”

All of this back and forth might make it seem like Garcelle, Sutton, and Crystal are finally doubling down on an alliance, but the ladies assured the publication that they aren’t forming an opposing clique to the Fox Force Five.


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“I get along with everyone on the show,” Crystal confessed. “I think that’s pretty rare.”

Well, Crystal, it’s also pretty boring when everyone gets along, but that’s okay. Garcelle teased that just because she, Crystal, and Sutton are supportive of one another now, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re all on the same page throughout season 12.

“It doesn’t indicate anything except that Crystal and I really care about Sutton,” Garcelle bluntly stated. “The thing I always say, we don’t get enough credit for being women of a certain age. You know, looking amazing and also running businesses. So anytime I can support that, I do.”


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