Kyle Richards "Dream Team"

Kyle Richards Denies Gang-Ups Happen On Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills; Says “There’s Never A Plot To Take Anyone Down”

It’s no secret Kyle Richards is the HBIC on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and her longevity earned that spot. Kyle’s storyline is usually sibling-related because Kyle requires someone who shares her DNA to have content on this show. Sister Kathy Hilton finally relented to pressure or the allure of pending anxiety attacks and has provided a bit of fresh air in an otherwise stagnant environment ahead of the latest season.

Kyle has seen “friends” come and go and a strong bond developed with certain ladies during her tenure. They are all moms, all wealthy, and all had bad legal issues in their recent past they wanted to hide. After some sketchy exits courtesy of Kyle and her bonded group’s harassment curiosity regarding certain subjects, Kyle wants everyone to know they definitely aren’t ganging-up on people. It just looks like they’re ganging up on people.

With the exception of Lisa Rinna, who is trying to intercept calls from the whore of Muskoka on Harry Hamlin’s mobile, Dorit Kemsley, Kyle, and Erika Jayne all had husbands on the wrong side of the courtroom. The legal disputes were strewn across entertainment news feeds, but never mentioned on the show. Season 9 was wasted blaming someone for leaking a story that was never confirmed and Lisa Vanderpump bolted. When Denise Richards joined the cast, much of the same occurred. She was targeted, there was ONE general storyline, and ultimately Denise also quit due to what she perceived as being bullied.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Kyle was SHOCKED at the thought of gang-ups. “First of all, there’s never ever a plot to take anybody down. Things unfold and then we go with whatever is unfolding, what’s happening in people’s lives at the time,” she said. But if it’s a legal case of theirs unfolding, you can shove off. Currently unfolding on Season 11, when Erika switched from Chanel foundation to Maybelline (maybe she’s born with it, maybe she stole it from orphans and widows).


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Kyle continued, “I think people don’t like that there’s a bond between the five of us, and that all stemmed from the season where there were all these big fires in Malibu, and Camille [Grammer] and Denise were not able to make it to Provence. That was the season Vanderpump had stopped filming with us, so we just went, the five of us, and we really bonded. There’s a lot of trust between us.”

Open and Honest, party of no one, your table is ready. She added, “When new girls come in — Garcelle [Beauvais] made a comment, or Sutton [Stracke] — that we got together after the [season 10] reunion and they came to my house and they’re like, ‘It was kind of rude.’ I’m like, ‘Welcome to the Housewives!'”


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Sutton and Garcelle, you’re only invited if you have something to hide. “There’s never been a reunion in all of these years where every single person gets together. It doesn’t happen. These are relationships we’ve had for many, many years now, and these are newer girls and there’s stuff going on. There’s no trying to exclude. Garcelle and Sutton have dinner and we’re not invited. No big deal,” Kyle said.

NO BIG DEAL, from the person triggered when people unfollow her on social media. NO BIG DEAL, says the person who melted down because LVP shared a cab with Dorit instead of her after an event. NO BIG DEAL when Kyle wasn’t at all put off by not being a card-holding member of Yolanda Foster’s esteemed “Dream Team”.


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To viewers, it could seem like Fox Force Five gangs up on certain people to create drama because theirs is off limits. Giving your friend group a name and posting pics of pinky-swear bonds on social media isn’t at all weird for women in their 40’s and 50’s. So if you catch yourself thinking another gang-up is happening because a named friend circle is relentlessly berating another person, remember, it’s NO BIG DEAL.


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