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Teresa Giudice Apologizes To Joe Gorga Over Their Reunion Drama

The Real Housewives of New Jersey series could be condensed into an archived collection of soundbites courtesy of Teresa Giudice.  Season 1 was all about, “paying attention” prior to flipping a table at Danielle Staub. “Is b–tch better?” preceded a country club brawl of epic proportions. Fast forward to the Season Six reunion and Teresa gifted us with, “the whole show is about me.”

And that’s just a quick run down RHONJ memory lane. Teresa and her family drama has carried the show.  Other supporting cast have come and gone, but it was when her brother Joe Gorga joined the show that Teresa was matched with comparable wit and histrionics.

It’s reality TV gold, and Bravo knows it.  Joe has been given honorary Real Housewives status, and he knows it too. So he maximizes screen time and cast interactions.  The result was a volatile season feuding with Teresa as well as her eldest daughter, Gia Giudice.  Joe was wise enough to avoid dragging Teresa’s fiance, Luis Ruelas, through the mud, but that didn’t earn him enough credit with his sister, who called him “bitch boy” multiple times during the Season 12 reunion. Sidekick Jennifer Aydin added some comments of her own. This offensive quip can be added to Teresa’s “finer moments” from the season as well as her use of “love bubble.”

Teresa was not sorry at the time of filming.  But viewers have held her accountable. More specifically, a voice that matters.  According to an article from Page SixMichael Rapaport guest hosted The Wendy Williams Show Friday and had some choice words for the RHONJ star. The clip was then shared on the Bravo enthusiast’s social media page.


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Teresa, where in Jersey, New York, Idaho is ‘bitch boy’ not a bad thing?” Michael asked, “It’s always a bad thing, especially in New Jersey.”

Michael then addressed Joe’s popularity on the show.  He explained, “Joe Gorga is so important and should be so beloved by everybody, including his sister, to ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey‘ fans.”

The Bravo commentator added that,”it was a low blow to say that when husbands are involved in the wives’ business, they’re ‘bitch boys.’ Joe Gorga ain’t no bitch boy.  Joe Gorga is great for the show.”

Both siblings responded, with opposing reactions of course.  Joe wrote, “Love you” in the caption to Michael’s comments.


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Shockingly, Teresa made a public apology to her brother.  In the expected fashion, the statement was half-hearted and seeked to shift blame elsewhere.  “I am so sorry did not mean that at all there was so much going on during the taping that I lost myself,” Teresa commented on Joe’s Instagram.  She added, “Love you tons XOXO.”

The public gesture was a decent one, and Joe will take anything resembling an apology from his sister.  It remains to be seen whether Teresa personally apologized to Joe as well.


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