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Southern Charm Season 8 Trailer: Austen Kroll And Craig Conover Physically Fight; Craig Admits He And Naomie Olindo Hooked Up After Her Breakup

Put on your Southern best and grab some sweet tea — Southern Charm Season 8 is coming back. At long last, we get to catch up with Charleston’s most debaucherous crew. They’ve been very busy since we last signed off on that wild reunion. Madison LeCroy and Craig Conover have found something in common — seeing through Austen Kroll’s B.S. Madison’s moved on to bigger and better things, with a rock on her finger from her Budweiser man. Craigy is also sew in love with Summer House fashionista Paige DeSorbo, so the tables have turned. Don’t worry, though, Austen still has plenty of mess left in him for his flagship show.

The trailer (via People) features some of the quintessential aspects of the show we know and love. Background shots of Patricia Altschul’s mansion. The classic theme song that always gets stuck in your head. Shep Rose constantly needing to stick a foot in his mouth. Buckle up, kids, it’s almost time.

Madison is clearly in a new and chiller phase of her life. However, Austen seemingly found himself a Madison lookalike to make out with, and it’s not all tea and chitchat for the ladies. Madison is shown being catty with the new girl, who ends up flipping her the bird. She didn’t even face Madison when she was doing it. You’re gonna need to work harder if you want to battle Madison.

Austen and Craigy are not snuggling over pillows and beer throughout the trailer like usual. At one point, they get into a physical fight and push each other against a car. “Say ‘I’m sorry,'” Craig repeats while putting Austen in a headlock. These good ol’ boys are back to their bad habits of expressing their emotions extremely poorly.

Craig and Paige also have to handle Naomie Olindo’s return to Southern Charm. These ladies aren’t ones to be petty. However, Paige isn’t that cool with Craig hanging out one-on-one with his ex, and she might have a good reason as to why. Naomie asks Craig why he acts awkward around her, and she drops a bombshell. “We’re not just exes,” Craig said. “We hooked up recently.” Oy vey. It’s not that shocking — if Gizmo’s parents happen to be single at the same time, what’s the shame? I live for the mess, though.

Naomie is back and ready to battle. She fights with newbie Venita Aspen in one clip and then finds herself on the receiving end of Kathryn Dennis‘ rath. “Shut the f–k up Naomie,” Kathryn snaps over a fancy meal. “No F-words please,” Patricia pleads. No wonder Patricia loves a good martini — she’s dealing with this crew. As for Whitney Sudler-Smith, he’s shown for .01 seconds in the trailer jamming on the guitar. Southern Charm truly is such weird and wonderful TV.


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Shepy is still going strong with Taylor Ann Green. Well, strong may not be the right word. Shep expresses that Taylor gets jealous. Meanwhile, Austen inserts himself into someone else’s relationship drama by gossiping with Taylor about his buddy. “Taylor, just the way that he talks to you sometimes,” Austen says. Then, it cuts to a clip of Shep calling his girlfriend a “f–king idiot.” This can’t end well. Oh, and John Pringle is teasing Shep about having a kid in 6-months. Read the room, dude.

Austen and Shep also go to blows, likely over Mr. Trop Hop meddling in the relationship. “Austen, you’re a f–king joke,” Shep screams. “I can’t believe I’m sharing oxygen with you.” Shep can hit below the belt, but he really throws insults like nobody else whenever he’s in a fight.


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You may be thinking — is there finally a season not centered around Kathryn’s relationship drama? Not so fast. We get a glimpse at the eventual breakdown of her relationship with Chleb Ravenell. “I can go to all your friends and say, ‘Hey is Kathryn a problem?’ Yes, you are the problem,” Chleb yells. Oh no. Sometimes it’s hard to watch the Kathryn of it all.

One person who is NOT front and center in the trailer is Leva Bonaparte, which is a bit odd to me. She’s the one getting a Bravo spinoff. We know she’s not on the best terms with her co-stars, but come on. Hopefully, producers find a way to weave her story in better to set up the new show. For now, we can patiently wait for Southern Charm to return on June 23.

Check out the Southern Charm trailer below.



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