Christine Quinn

Christine Quinn Responds To Allegations That She Faked COVID To Skip The Selling Sunset Reunion Taping

Erika Jayne met her Watch What Happens Live soul mate last week. She appeared on Andy Cohen’s talk show with Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn who repeatedly stuck her foot in her mouth. Erika had a chance to sit back and watch the misdirection and over-confident posturing, for once. Erika commented “I’m so glad” a few times after Christine confused Andy and viewers with her non-answers to seemingly basic questions. Maybe she should have been taking notes.

The Season 5 reunion for Selling Sunset was taped a little over a month ago. Christine, who is the main antagonist of the show, missed the shoot. She reportedly had COVID, despite being seen filming with Melissa Gorga just days later.

During her Watch What Happens Live appearance, reported on by Entertainment TonightChristine was asked about the timing for the shoot. She tried to explain, “I had a campaign that I was supposed to shoot, actually with Lisa Rinna, and what happened is Lisa had scheduling conflicts, and this is three months prior.”

Andy then asked if Christine filmed the shoot with COVID since she had tested positive just days before. She said, “No. I tested positive the night before and the morning of, so I was able to go to set and do it outside.” This confused Andy and most people with ears. Christine clarified, “Positive to go, as in negative.” Ummmm??

Andy pushed Christine further. He asked why she didn’t just call in for the reunion like some of her co-stars. Christine claims that she was truly not feeling well, and didn’t have her signature glam on point. She also shared that the reunion was not a part of her contract for filming. Whatever lady.

Christine’s co-stars aren’t convinced that she was truly ill either. Both Mary Fitzgerald and Chrishell Stause have accused Christine of lying to avoid answering for her Season 5 behavior. Mary speculated, “Probably because she didn’t want to face everything she’s done.”

“I mean, that would be my guess, but it’s sad because we all showed up. We didn’t want to have to talk to her about her actions, and I’m sure she didn’t want to have answers for her actions. So, we didn’t want to be there talking about it either, but it’s our job. We’re doing it.”

Christine ended the season on a sour note after allegedly trying to buy clients off other agents at the Oppenheim Group. Her future on the show and at the agency are both in question. I guess we’ll just add this to the list of mysteries.


[Photo Credit: Gilbert Carrasquillo/GC Images]