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Dina Manzo Says Dolores Catania Provided A Character Witness For Her Ex-Husband Following His Alleged Attack On Her and David Cantin

Before Real Housewives of New Jersey became the Teresa Giudice show, there was actually a well-balanced cast of interesting characters to enjoy. Seasons one and two of RHONJ are unlike anything. Give me all the Danielle Staub confusion, Dina Manzo, and Caroline Manzo mob rumors, and why not, throw in some early Tre while we’re at it.

Sisters Dina and Caroline were once married to brothers Albert Manzo and Tommy Manzo. That is before Dina and Tommy split following her exit from Real Housewives. Dina went on to marry David Cantin, and by all accounts, her life was happy and without drama.

Tommy has allegedly had it out for Dina and David though, and it’s exceptionally dark. In 2015 Tommy allegedly hired a member of the Lucchese crime family to attack David outside of a strip mall. The hitman pleaded guilty to the crimes and added that he received a discount on his wedding at the BROWNSTONE for his efforts. What a deal!

In 2017, Dina and David were victims to a violent home invasion and robbery. It’s alleged that Tommy and an accomplice zip-tied Dina and David, beat them, and then stole their money and jewelry. Tommy is currently fighting in court to clear his name for the event, and one of his character witnesses is none other than his mop-topped sister-in-law, Caroline Manzo.

Caroline is known for being a blow-hard about family values. She liked to alternate between that and fat-shaming her daughter when she had a spot on the show. When news about her character witness statement broke, Dina and her friends finally spoke out about Caroline’s true colors.


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“For years I have sat by and watched Dina take the high road over and over. Staying silent for many reasons but mainly out of respect for family. There’s a million things I could have said throughout the years and spoken up to defend her. She would have forbid me to say a word. But I can’t stay silent while others continue to talk to keep their relevance,” her friend posted in May of 2021.

Dina and her daughter both supported Caroline’s call-out at the time. Now Dina is taking it a step further. In an Instagram story shared by @yourmomsarewatching, Instagram comments between Dina and some fans shed even more light on this dark situation between fambly and chosen-fambly.


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In the screenshot, a fan is seen saying, “Look what Caroline the so-called all for and about family did to Dina her sister she wrote a letter for Dina’s ex-husband.” Someone else commented saying, “Dolores [Catania] wrote the letter to exonerate Dina’s ex from the beating and burglary.”

The initial commenter was about as confused as I was reading that bit of info. They said back, “I thought it was Caroline who wrote it so if it was Dolores why is Teresa still friends with her I mean it comes across as no loyalty to Dina.” You could say that again!


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Dina Manzo herself swooped into the comments to clear things up. She gave a short and sweet statement and wrote, “both did.” My head is spinning!! Is this why Dolo missed an invite to Tre’s “couple’s only” engagement party??


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