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Dina Manzo Reacts Caroline Manzo Writing Letter On Behalf Of Dina’s Ex Tommy Manzo Following Violent Home Invasion

Even though family has been a central theme to the Real H0usewives of New Jersey since Season 1, that doesn’t mean cast members old and new always have their kin’s back. Teresa Giudice, Joe Gorga and Melissa Gorga have sure gone through their fair share of arguments before getting to the positive and relatively peaceful place they are today. Prior to that, Caroline Manzo, Dina Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita’s relationships were tested on the show, despite their proclamations that they’re “thick as thieves.”

Even though it’s been several seasons since Dina, and Caroline for that matter, have appeared on RHONJ, their life has been filled with more drama than when they were on the show. Dina has a new husband, David Cantin, and is living a namaste lifestyle in Malibu. However, her revengeful ex-husband, Tommy Manzo, apparently doesn’t want to see her live her happily ever after. 

To catch you up to speed, there are some pretty alarming allegations against Tommy when it comes to Dina. In 2015, he allegedly hired a member of the Lucchese crime family, who pleaded guilty, to attack David in exchange for a discount wedding at the Brownstone. Yes, that Brownstone that is co-owned by Caroline’s husband Albert Manzo with Tommy. Then, in 2017, Dina and David were victims of a violent home invasion. Allegedly, Tommy and an accomplice broke into the couple’s home in New Jersey while they were celebrating the first communion of Tre’s youngest dorter Audriana Giudice. The assailants waited for the couple to come home to zip-tie them together, beat them up and steal jewelry and money from them. Literally sounds like a scene straight from The Sopranos. And Albert has tried to doubled-down with his denial that the Manzo family has no mob ties. Veryyy suspicious.

And where does Caroline fit into all this? Oh, she’s just proving she’s literally the worst sister of all time. It was recently reported that Caroline wrote a letter to the court a la Ashley Darby style to advocate for Tommy’s character, because he’s denying any involvement in the whole thing. Her sister was attacked and traumatized and meanwhile, Caroline is backing her obviously vengeful brother-in-law. Gross.


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Dina is living her best life in California far away from her sister’s drama. They’ve been estranged for years with Caroline mainly controlling the narrative about their disagreements. But now, Dina is done being silent now that her sister betrayed her so badly, and Instagram account @commentsbybravo captured the whole thing.

Dina’s friend, Luke McKibben, posted a meme on Instagram of Caroline and Tommy with the words “Thick As Thieves” written over it. “For years I have sat by and watched Dina take the high road over and over. Staying silent for many reasons but mainly out of respect for family. There’s a million things I could have said throughout the years and spoken up to defend her. She would have forbid me to say a word. But I can’t stay silent while others continue to talk to keep their relevance,” Luke’s caption began. “You will reap what you sow. And. find this extremely fitting after all they are your most famous words #letmetellyousomethingaboutmyfamily.” Savage.


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Dina responded in the comments, mentioning she’d normally ask her friend to take down a post about her sister. “But ya know what? I’m starting to think some just expect us to stay quiet while they continue to hurt others…that’s what gives them that “power”. I’ll say it again…it’s not ok to take kindness for weakness. Plus if I don’t laugh at this point I’ll just continue to cry. I love you.” Poor Dina. She’s probably still dealing with the aftermath of being attacked in her own home while her sister is going against her. Laughing at memes about her sister is the least she deserves at this point. Her daughter Lexi Ioannou also shared the post on her story and commented. “Someone had to say it,” she wrote. I love how close they are and how Lexi isn’t afraid to stand up for her mommy.

Lexi continued to defend her mom on her own page @bohochicken. She posted another meme to her story of Dina with the caption, “Dina Manzo is sitting back watching the Bravo fans realie what a bad sister Caroline Manzo is.” She kept it simple by adding an upside-down smile emoji, which is pretty accurate response to all this miss.


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Another account @bravogypsy posted a meme of Caroline in a G-wagon with the caption, “Caroline outside of my hosue after seeing my meme defending Dina.” It also gave Dina a good chuckle. “It really does help to laugh about this whole thing so THANK YOU this literally made me LOL,” Dina wrote. While Dina’s time on RHONJ might be over considering her cross-country move, all of this is proving we don’t need Caroline back on the show. No matter what Jackie Goldschneider or anyone else has to say. 


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