Caroline Manzo on Dina Manzo home invasion

Caroline Manzo Wrote Letter Advocating For Dina Manzo’s Ex-Husband Tommy Who Allegedly Hired A Hitman On Dina And Current Husband David Cantin

Before the Real Housewives of New Jersey was totally the Teresa Giudice and family show, it was all about the Manzos. Estranged sisters Dina Manzo and Caroline Manzo are OGs. They talked about bubbies, hosted family dinners with Tre and Jaqueline Laurita and they were so “thick as thieves” that they were married to brothers, Albert Manzo and Tommy Manzo. But like Tommy and Dina’s marriage, the sisters’ relationship has been on the rocks for years. While Tre is the queen of RHONJ. No matter what “fans” like Jackie Goldschneider have to say, the Manzo/Laurita family drama did make the old days of the show.

Even though Dina left the sho (aka was frightened off by Danielle Staub) after the first season, her life has become a TV show all its own. Maybe more like The Sopranos this time. Despite Albie’s denial, Tommy seemingly has been using his mob ties to attack Dina and her newest husband David Cantin. Dina’s life is so peace and love if you follow her on Instagram, so it’s shocking and disturbing to see the turn this has taken.

The allegations against Tommy are alarming. First, in 2015, he allegedly hired a member of the Lucchese crime family, who pleaded guilty, to attack David outside a strip mall. The mobster John Perna apparently got a discount for his wedding at the Brownstone. Yes, the Brownstone that you might remember from Posche fashion shows from a lifetime ago. Then, in 2017, Dina and David were victims of a violent home-invasion robbery. It’s alleged that Tommy and an accomplice broke into the couple’s New Jersey home while they were at a party for Tre’s daughter, Audriana Giudice. The assailants waited for them to return to zip-tie them together, beat them and steal jewelry and money. It literally sounds like a scene from an action movie.

The case has been ongoing, and Page Six reports that Tommy was released from jail prior to his trial. His attorney, Amy Luria, has been pleading his case that he’s innocent, claiming there’s little evidence to connect him with the home invasion. Page Six reports the attorney called Dina and Tommy’s split “perfectly amicable” which makes me raise my eyebrows, allegations aside.


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And if you thought all of this was crazy, the really shocking news that Page Six unveiled is that Luria spoke at a recent hearing of letters sent on behalf of Tommy to vouch for his character. And one of those letters was written by none other than the red-headed OG Caroline. Can you say worst sister ever? She says family is thick as thieves, but there’s family on both sides. And her real blood sister was violently attacked in this scenario, and Caroline is taking the other side? Maybe this is why Dina aligns herself with someone as loyal as Tre, because she’d never pull something like that in court.

And Dina also is apparently appalled by her sister’s behavior, rocking her typical namaste attitude. Fan account @realityashhole posted a screenshot of Dina liking one of their posts calling out Caroline’s letter. The caption reads, “Remember when Caroline Manzo spent YEARS trying to deflect onto Teresa Giudice not caring about family and everyone kept listening to her as the family “expert” even though she didn’t talk to some of her own siblings and Andy [Cohen] never called out the hypocrisy?”


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No lies were told. Caroline did spend multiple seasons bashing Tre’s behavior towards her brother Joe Gorga, her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga and her cousin Kathy Wakile. But always shrugged off bringing her own family beef to the screen. And THAT’S on Teresa being THE ultimate RHONJ OG.


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