Kandi Burruss Is Upset That Andy Cohen Asked Daughter Riley Burruss About Her Father

Kandi Burruss is notorious for being protective of her family. And that includes her adult daughter, Riley Burruss. When Kandi joined Real Housewives of Atlanta in 2009, when Riley was a shy 9 year old. She’s now a 19 year old adult, who left the nest last year to attend New York University. But just because Riley is all grown up, that doesn’t mean Kandi won’t try and protect her.

As reported by Page Six, Kandi got her hackles up after a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live. Host Andy Cohen turned his questioning to Riley, who was substitute bartending while her mom was a guest. He asked, “Has your relationship with your dad improved at all?” Riley replied, “I don’t remember the last time I spoke to him, so that answers that question.”

Kandi then went on The Slut Pig Podcast to discuss how she wasn’t happy with Andy’s line of questioning. Said Kandi, “I didn’t say anything to him about it, but I didn’t really like when he brought up my daughter’s father to her on camera on ‘Live.'” She added that she was disappointed because she felt like Riley was doing Andy a favor by filling in as bartender. Because Riley wasn’t even supposed to be featured on WWHL to begin with.

Kandi explained, “She just so happened to be the bartender. There was somebody else that was supposed to be the bartender, but they were late. [Riley] was there, so they were like, ‘Oh, you wanna be the bartender?’ It wasn’t like she was prepped or anything, so it kind of caught her off guard.” Kandi confirmed that Riley’s relationship with her dad, Russell “Block” Spencer, is still a “sensitive subject.” But Kandi remarked that she felt like Riley “handled” the situation on WWHL.

Back on season 13, Kandi addressed the issue between Riley and Block. Since Block never paid child support, Riley believed he should, especially since she was going away to college. Said Riley in an episode, “OK, well, I feel like my father never really did anything. It’s time for him to at least provide something when I’m going away to college.” Riley and her father publicly feuded over the her suing for the child support she was due.

Riley won her case, which Kandi announced at last year’s RHOA reunion. Kandi revealed,“They basically say he got to pay his back child support, so they’re giving him some time to give a lump sum now, and then he has to start paying the monthly back.”


[Photo Credit: Bravo]