Real Housewives Of Atlanta Reunion Part 1 Recap: Return To The Dungeon

Welcome to the dungeon! After a season of secrets, lies, and strippers between their thighs, The Real Housewives of Atlanta are reuniting. What started off as a slow season quickly developed into a crusade into everyone’s sex lives. From the infamous Bolo to the divine Prophet Lott,  these ladies have some explaining to do. Luckily for viewers, the reunion is in person, and Andy Cohen’s going to get all of the answers we crave.

Kenya Moore’s detective ambitions are surely going to be a hot topic at the reunion. Her obsession over Porsha Williams’ alleged tryst with Bolo rubbed many the wrong way. Why did it matter so much to her? What was her motivation for pursuing the truth? If Porsha was a single woman at then time, should it even matter? FINALLY, the women are together again and can speak on EVERYTHING.

The set features all of their Bachelorette outfits, and Bolo’s faux Chanel! I’m already living for this. This is part dungeon part museum! It would be great to actually have Bolo present for it. He could shed some light on what really went down in that spare bedroom and beyond.

You have to give Kandi Burruss props for turning this dungeon thing into a positive. After being accused of planning to drug and rape Porsha in the past, she reclaimed the narrative. Here we are years later watching a reunion based on a season about the dungeon. Nobody can touch her as a businesswoman. Period.

Social Justice Warrior Princess

Real Housewives Of Atlanta Reunion Part 1 Recap: Return To The Dungeon

Porsha had quite the 2020. From her work with the Black Lives Matter movement to her relationship with Dennis McKinley, she had a lot going on. You can’t help but beam with pride though while watching her activism. She’s using her platform to create change in the world. Not a lot of people are willing to put in that sort of time and effort.

Porsha tells Andy it’s a blessing to have a platform to use in that way. She understands the vehicle she’s been given. Her grandfather would be incredibly proud to see how far she’s come. Despite how you feel about her on the show, there’s no denying her accomplishments for the Black community.

Kenya said she believes in what Porsha’s doing, but she felt excluded. There was a PSA filmed that Kenya was left out of. To Kenya, that action felt counterproductive to the cause Porsha was championing. However, Porsha says the cause is bigger than herself or Kenya. This isn’t about them. In the grand scheme of things, their petty drama doesn’t even matter. Porsha’s out there trying to make a difference in the world.

Kenya doesn’t feel like Porsha is genuine if she’s left out because it shows all of their lives don’t matter. I sort of understand what she’s trying to say, but also why would she want to be included? She and Porsha have never really gotten along for any extended period of time. They don’t f**k with each other. They probably never will.

Porsha wants to know what Kenya’s doing for the cause since she has so much to say. This is the worst thing she could’ve said to Kenya because now Ken is fired up. She doesn’t want Porsha coming at her about her activism. What activism?

I have to say I don’t understand where Kenya’s going with this. We’ve seen her openly bash Porsha’s efforts on the show. She even want as far as to accuse her of getting arrested on purpose. If she doesn’t believe anything Porsha’s doing is genuine, why would she want to be involved? She’s just looking for something to bitch about. She needs to create a moment for herself I guess.

Is the issue that Porsha’s out there getting all of the attention? I’m a fan of Kenya, but even I notice that it feels more like jealousy by her. She’s oozing with envy at the mere thought of Porsha being more relevant than her. She can’t stand it.

Andy tries to get Porsha to acknowledge Kenya saying she was proud of her, but it’s not flying. Porsha doesn’t want to sit there and be fake when that comment isn’t rooted from a genuine place. The things Kenya’s saying and accusing her of are potentially harmful to her cause. People need to take what she’s doing seriously. There’s no reason for Kenya to try and discredit her at every turn because that doesn’t help anyone.

In her personal life, things with Dennis are for sure over at this time. Right now, things are good on the co-parenting front which is the best news. Sometimes trying to make it work for the sake of the child does more harm than good. Kudos to both of them for pulling the plug now while they’re still in a decent place. Porsha’s been dating since her split, but there hasn’t been anything serious yet.

Twirling All The Way To Divorce Court

Real Housewives Of Atlanta Reunion Part 1 Recap: Return To The Dungeon

Things between Kenya & Marc Daly are still in a place of limbo. The only thing that’s been officially solved is she won sole custody. Thank god she did that because it doesn’t even feel like Marc’s invested in becoming a father. I’m not certain what his motives were by marrying Kenya, but he’s a sketchy ass man.

Despite filing for divorce, Kenya is still wearing her wedding ring. I respect her commitment to her vows, but we all know the marriage is over. Even when it was in its prime, it felt like hell for her. The way Marc spoke to her both publicly and privately was unacceptable.

LaToya Ali got into hot water by Kenya during the season for spilling details about her divorce. She was telling Porsha, Drew Sidora, and others who don’t have Kenya’s back about Marc seeking alimony. She knows damn well none of those women have Kenya’s best interests in mind. For her to do that was the biggest low down dirty betrayal possible.

Kenya thanks Drew & Porsha for telling LaToya it was off limits. Even though they have their differences, they recognized that what LaToya was doing was wrong. You can’t go around spilling folks private business like that. Porsha says she defended Kenya because she thought LaToya was crazy (don’t we all?).

Kandi & Cynthia Bailey both want her OUT of that marriage. It doesn’t work. He’s in court fighting for all of the wrong things. Andy asks what he’s fighting for in court, and Kenya falls into a sea of laughter. Obviously Andy already knew the answer to the question prior to asking. Messy man!

Kenya tells him that Marc is fighting to keep Brooklyn off the show and not for things like time together. Some people could think he’s being protective of his daughter, but Kenya says it’s all about his ego. Hearing all of this makes you wonder why this divorce is taking so long. That man’s ass should’ve been kicked to the curb a lot quicker than it was.

Andy cites Porsha & Dennis‘ ability to co-parent as something Kenya might aspire to. She doesn’t like those things being compared to, but COME ON. Obviously Dennis is more mature than Marc will ever be.

Drew’s asked why she has so many comments about Kenya’s marriage when she still doesn’t know what Ralph Pittman was doing in Tampa. FACTS!! The first time we ever met Drew, her and Ralph were in a horrible place. Who wants to listen to someone like that talk down on your marriage. Worry about what’s going on under your own roof before you come for Kenya.

Drew’s initial issue with Kenya stems from being called a stray when they first met at Cynthia’s. Holy hell. It was a light shade JOKE. Grow some thicker skin if you want to remain on a show like this. People are going to say much worse things, so buckle the f**k up for the ride.

Kenya says Drew’s family is not under the same roof because her baby daddy is under the roof of a jail. SHOTS FIRED. Technically he’s not incarcerated anymore, but that’s a bold thing to throw at someone. I know Drew isn’t Kenya’s favorite cup of tea, but there’s no reason to hit that far below the belt.

Andy holds Kenya’s feet to the fire about the Halloween episode and her racially insensitive costume. Kenya talks about having Native American heritage, but her explanation of it is weak at best. She’s reaching with this one, and it feels like an attempt to take less hits from the viewers.

Kenya admits she sat down with an expert who explained to her why it’s offensive. Shouldn’t she just know that by now? As a grown adult , you should be aware of what is and is not acceptable to wear. “Customs are not costumes” is something everyone should keep in their vocabulary. Let’s do our part to avoid mocking cultures in the future.

Porsha chimes in wanting to know why Kenya always wants understanding but doesn’t give it to anyone else. When she made the flub about the Underground Railroad years ago, nobody showed her that understanding. It was merely four months ago that Kenya was using that moment to mock her. Porsha has a point.

Kenya doesn’t take that laying down because some of the other women have done the same thing. She says Porsha’s sister and Drew have both worn the same type of costume. Where is the outrage for them doing it? I really want to choose a side here, but they are both hitting each other with valid points. However, at the end of the day, the fact of the matter is that NONE of it is acceptable. Stop wearing these costumes.

72 Hours To Tampa & Back

Real Housewives Of Atlanta Reunion Part 1 Recap: Return To The Dungeon

Drew & Ralph came in far too hot this season. We didn’t even know them. We were bombarded with so much of their dirty laundry the moment we met them. It’s too much.

Things are getting better between Josiah and his biological father. They recently got together for his birthday. It was the first time they connected since their on camera meeting. It’s baby steps, but something is better than nothing.

Ralph doesn’t want to take away from their relationship. He’s been key to trying to bring the two of them together. Kandi says she loved how they were open to share everything with the viewers. It’s different than what’s going in with Riley Burruss and her father. It’s much easier at that age to still establish a connection.

The child support case against Block Spencer has been closed, and he has to pay. Good! I hated the notion that just because Kandi is well off that her father doesn’t have to do anything. He helped created the child and should be equally responsible for her financial welfare.

Drew asks why Kenya retweeted something that referenced the meeting with her son. Listen, I’m with Kenya here. That entire scene was cringe, and it made me uncomfortable. There’s no reason to subject that child to an ON CAMERA interaction with someone who he barely knows. Drew was dead wrong for that.

Drew goes on about how it was irresponsible for Kenya to use her platform like that. She felt like it was below the belt for Kenya to do it. She breaks down talking about it and says it felt like an attack. Why is this woman always reaching when it comes to Kenya? Despite warning about further low blows, Kenya says her opinion remains the same. Okay then.

Kenya issues an apology for it which I would have never done. Drew is phoning in the biggest crocodile tears of all time for this scene. Do you know how this could have all been avoided? It’s not if Kenya would’ve refrained from sharing the tweet. It could have been avoided if Drew didn’t exploit her child for a story line moment. NOW WE SAID IT.

Ralph has never given Drew a reason to think he was unfaithful. Girl, don’t hit us with that naive mindset. He has been the shadiest husband in Atlanta since the moment he came onto the scene.

Ralph tells Andy he needed to get away because the beach is his peace. Alright. He passed multiple beaches on his way to Tampa, but sure we can go with that excuse. Drew says he printed off hotel and restaurant receipts to prove he was alone. This is sounding like quite the mountain of overcompensation, but go on.

Kandi doesn’t believe a word coming out of Ralph’s mouth. That’s because it’s a load of bulls**t. There’s no reason for Ralph to have withheld this for so long from his wife. If it’s true what he’s saying, why make it into quite the mystery.

Drew finds Kenya’s ogling over her husband to be disrespectful. Give me a fu**ing break. I can’t take any of what she says seriously. After the weird tape recorder thing at Cynthia’s Christmas party, I would never trust her. It’s always a reach.

LaToya joins the women and wastes no time jumping into the drama. She throws a dig at Drew because someone from her camp insulted her earlier that day. We love some behind the scenes showdowns! Drew apologizes and says that person is no longer with them.

These two are the new version of Kenya and Porsha. Give us all of the shade please. Part two is going to be iconic.


[Photo Credit: Heidi Gutman/Bravo]