Porsha Williams Says Current Real Housewives Of Atlanta Cast Is Doing A Great Job Of Bringing Drama

She by Oops She Did It Again. I will never get tired of watching Sheree Whitfield spin her wheels over her stale claim of starting a fashion line. Very camp. She could drag this out at least another decade. Sprinkle in some drunk Kenya MooreMarlo Hampton’s dissolving home life, and the uncovering of Ralph “Danielle” Pittman, and we have ourselves a dynamic, delusional, and enchanting Housewives franchise!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta went through a casting shake-up before Season 14. Fans said farewell to Cynthia Bailey. Porsha Williams also made her exit, taking her former cast-mates husband in a goodie bag.

“There’s always gonna be room for Porsha,” RHOA mainstay Kandi Burruss said about the re-casting. “I honestly think she does think about it sometimes. She definitely said it to me that it does cross her mind. So I mean, I don’t know. She can come back at any moment.”

For her part, Porsha recently revealed during an Amazon Live that when it comes to Real Housewives of Atlanta, she enjoys playing the role of the viewer. “I’ve caught some of the episodes, and honey, they are bringing the drama,” she told a fan. “I’m enjoying my peace, but they are definitely bringing the drama. Those girls are doing a good job over there.”

Porsha’s claims of “peace” off of the Bravo screen come after fans’ reaction to her show, Porsha Family Matters. During the special, Porsha, her new fiance, and her ex-fiance took to Cancun to resolve their differences. Porsha’s ex, Dennis McKinley won fans over with his willingness to participate in various filming events and difficult conversations with Porsha’s support system. Meanwhile, Porsha lost points for trying to physically fight her child’s grandma and being generally unable to compromise at all times.

Porsha’s cousin reportedly refused to film the special, later saying, “I’m glad that I declined to do the show after being asked to be on there. I don’t agree with a lot that’s being portrayed…but what I am grateful & thankful for is that the world gets to truly see who Dennis and [his mom] are.” Porsha’s cousin added that Porsha worked to set up a fake support system on the show to portray a “village” around her “BS.”

Porsha and Phaedra Parks were once staples on Real Housewives of Atlanta. With Phae-phae being featured on two other Bravo shows at the moment, and Porsha fresh off her special, is there any chance one or both may be brought back to the Housewive’s screen?


[Photo Credit: Heidi Gutman/Bravo]