Vicki Gunvalson Is Upset By Tamra Judge’s Friendship With Teddi Mellencamp; Tamra Defends Teddi

The fight between Vicki Gunvalson and Teddi Mellencamp continues. The two came to blows on social media when Tamra Judge, who is right in the middle of things, shared with Teddi that Vicki was talking smack on her. Additionally, the former Real Housewives of Orange County star said publicly of Teddi, “I don’t know Teddi Mellencamp but I don’t like Teddi Mellencamp.”

Tamra, who hosts a podcast with Teddi, Two T’s In A Pod, tried in vain to defend her newfound friend, but that didn’t deter Vicki. Tamra revealed on an episode of the pod that Vicki even called their podcast boss to try and get Teddi fired. Teddi, who spent 3 uneventful seasons on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills said of the move, “That’s such a low blow, like, cheap shot.”

Now the Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip Ex-Wives Club cast members are fighting during interviews. As reported by Page Six, Vicki and Tamra recently appeared on Watch What Happens Live and passionately argued about it. Tamra told host Andy Cohen that it is “very awkward” to be in the middle of her friends fighting. She added that she just wants them to “get along.”

Vicki wants to do no such thing and snapped, “I’ve never met her. You can not like people you’ve never met.” She went on to talk about Teddi’s social media burns. Said Vicki, “She asked me where I was on January 6th. That’s an idiotic thing to say to somebody. I know where I was. I was in Puerto Vallarta.” Vicki is referencing the January 6th insurrection on the U.S. Capitol.

Tamra clarified that Teddi only made the comment “after Vicki went after her.” She also defended her podcast cohost, calling her “nice” and a “good person.” Vicki responded, “I don’t like her. That doesn’t mean I’m after her. We can talk about it later. I don’t like her. Don’t be so defensive.” As voiced were raised, Andy sat and watched, clearly enjoying the mess.

When Andy suggested it “must be hard” for Tamra to “love two people who don’t love each other,” Tamra agreed. She asserted,“There’s no reason for them not to like each other.” But Vicki stood firm in her dislike of the All In “accountability coach.” She noted, “We are never going to be together so it doesn’t matter to anybody’s life. Why does she care?”

As for the reason the former housewives might not get along, Tamra previously chalked it up to jealousy. She said in June, “I think what it all comes down to is she doesn’t like me doing this podcast with you. And I think we know that.”

Regardless, Vicki is unmoved when it comes to Teddi. She told Page Six a few weeks ago that she wants “nothing” to do with Teddi. Vicki added, “The fact that Teddi would stoop so low asking where I was on Jan. 6 just shows her ignorance and why I said, ‘I don’t like her’ even before that comment.”


[Photo Credit: Bravo]