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Dorinda Medley Slams Jill Zarin As “Salacious” For Commenting On Her Drinking; Insists She Doesn’t Care About What Jill Says

For all the Dorinda Medley stans, it’s time to face facts. Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip: Ex-Wives Club did’t help her case for a potential comeback at all. I’m not sure if Dorinda has fully leaned into the villain role or what. Suddenly, all the viewers who were begging for her to come back have been pretty quiet.

But Dorinda isn’t the only former Real Housewives of New York star who took major heat after appearing on RHUGT. Jill Zarin was called thirsty but nearly every one of her RHUGT castmates. She defended herself as “hungry” instead of thirsty in a very rehearsed interview. But outing Tamra Judge’s great return to Real Housewives of Orange County before she got to announce it herself? Like Tamra said, “Jill is the thirstiest b—h I have ever met.” I need a gif of that immediately, thanks.

Now Dorinda and Jill are at odds with each other, which is a surprise to, well, no-one. As reported by Page Six, Dorinda unloaded after Jill made some comments about her drinking. On a recent SiriusXM show, Dorinda was asked by a caller what she thought about Jill’s remarks. She responded, “I think she’s very salacious.” And despite telling Jill on RHUGT that they go way back and were there for each other after the deaths of their spouses, Dorinda referred to Jill as an “acquaintance.” An obvious dig.

Dorinda continued, “She hasn’t been on in a long time and I think, you know, this is new for her and this is her moment. Even Brandi [Glanville] said on Watch What Happens Live the other night, she’s thirsty. Tamra said it. She’s thirsty. So go for it. That’s what I say. Go for it.”

During her own appearance on WWHL, Jill insinuated to host Andy Cohen that Dorinda had a drinking problem. Jill said on the show, “Quite honestly, we’ll never really address it until the whole drinking and all that thing has to get resolved. There’s a lot of stuff there, but I’m not a doctor, I’m not a therapist, I’m not even a close enough friend to be able to really get to that with Dorinda, but someone needs to get there with her. I mean, I don’t want anything to happen to her, and I’m worried.”

When Dorinda’s caller went on to ask about Jill’s comments being “hurtful,” Dorinda shrugged it off. “Things are only hurtful in life when you care,” she maintained. The former Housewife then added, “My mother always says something: ‘consider the source.’ So I think people should say whatever they want. Just because you say it doesn’t mean it’s true. And how about this? Who cares?”


[Photo Credit: Bravo]