Meghan King

Meghan King Says She And Ex-Husband Cuffe Owens Don’t Speak After The End Of Their Two Month Marriage

No love lost. When Meghan King announced she married Cuffe Owens after three weeks of dating, most fans didn’t have much hope for the union. And they would be right. The marriage lasted just two months and they successfully received an annulment.

Now she’s revealed where the two stand after their break up last year. As reported by Page Six, the former Real Housewives of Orange County star opened up to Lala Kent’s on her Give Them Lala podcast. Meghan admitted that she and Cuffe are “not cool” and “don’t talk.”

She explained, “Why would [we] talk? There’s no reason to keep it going. It was annulled, so there’s no property to split, anything.” Lala, who went through her own messy breakup a few months before Meghan, agreed. Said the Vanderpump Rules star, “What’s the point of talking after that? There’s no reason. Just call it a day, have a good life.”

But Lala did think that Meghan’s union was a “cool story” given that President Joe Biden attended the Pennsylvania wedding. Cuffe is President Biden’s nephew. Meghan confessed that the wedding was “kind of crazy.” She noted that it “just felt like a family wedding,” but there were “at least as many” Secret Service members at the ceremony as there were guests.

Meghan remarked, “It was at Cuffe’s parents’ house and when I was driving there on the highway, all the exits were shut down and the police were at the exits. The whole street was shut down that the wedding was done. Snipers, yeah.”

Despite all the hoopla, Meghan and Cuffe walked away with a priceless wedding gift from the Bidens. Last month she revealed on her own podcast that the President gifted them a crystal. “He gave me a crystal bowl, like, with the presidential seal.” She also went on to say, “And [Vice President] Kamala Harris wrote me a note.”

Now that Meghan is almost a year removed from the split, she has admitted that the marriage itself was a “mistake.” The single mom of three shared in July,“We rushed into it. Like I said earlier, I’m a lover and I want everybody to be happy. I learned some big lessons from that mistake. I’m sure he did as well.”


[Photo Credit: David Livingston/FilmMagic]