Garcelle Beauvais

Garcelle Beauvais Says Lisa Rinna Is A Hypocrite For Being “Shaken” By Kathy Hilton’s Alleged Meltdown On Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

I always love when Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Garcelle Beauvais appears on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live because she serves looks and a whole lot of shade.

On a recent episode of WWHL, callers asked Garcelle if she thought Lisa Rinna was being a hypocrite by acting so shaken by Kathy Hilton’s alleged meltdown in Aspen when she herself has displayed aggressive behavior toward other cast members before.

Garcelle replied, “You guys, I mean c’mon… uh, yes!” The audience cheered and applauded because, hello! Lisa is a walking contradiction. She slammed a glass in my girl Kim Richard’s face and also tried to choke her (roll the tapes back). She set out to destroy her friend Denise Richards when she was on the show. She dragged Yolanda Hadid through the mud when she was sick and the list goes on.

As Kim would say, “I’ve had enough of you, you beast.”

For Lisa to be so scared that she “locked herself in her room” and wouldn’t come out all because Kathy allegedly broke some sunglasses is hysterical to me. Why? Because how are you so scared of someone reportedly displaying the same behavior we’ve watched you display for years? Let’s talk about the cringy, “I will f–ing hunt you down” moment with Sutton Stracke. Or should we mention the text you sent to Kim one year that read, “I will f–k you up”?

I mean, get real *in my Crystal Kung-Minkoff voice*. You were pretty boring this season I must admit. I think you went out of your way to make Kathy the bad guy this year because you didn’t want her to continue being so loved by the Bravo fandom. Why else would you drag something like this out for months and months making it seem like it was something bigger than it was only for it to be Kathy allegedly having a diva moment?

By the way, if the things that you are saying on the show happened (Kathy threatening to take down Bravo and Kyle Richard’s family)… who cares. Certainly not me. Is it juicy? Sure! Is it groundbreaking? No. And Kathy being a diva… literally, no one is surprised by that. She’s a Hilton for crying out loud. Bring me receipts and then I’ll be invested. Until then, I’m riding the Garcelle and Kathy wave.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]