Joe Gorga And Melissa Gorga Break Their Silence On Skipping Teresa Giudice’s Wedding

Teresa Giudice really is the queen of Real Housewives of New Jersey. Exhibit A: Her royal wedding to Luis Ruelas. It’s all the Bravoverse has been talking about for days. Her sky-high hairdo complete with a gaudy crown epitomizes it all so perfectly. The event of the year came with enough drama to last us a season of RHONJ, a wedding spinoff, and a whole lot of the social media discourse in between.

Unfortunately, Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga succeeded in making Tre’s wedding all about them. OK, we don’t know the whole situation — the two skipped out on the ceremony at the last minute. There have been rumblings of cheating rumors and Christening-level fights, but nothing has been confirmed. Like, Real Housewives of Dubai star Chanel Ayan got invited to Tre’s wedding, and she barely even knows her. Yet, Tre’s only living blood family aside from her kids skipped out on her big day. For what? Well, now the Gorgas have made a big display out of breaking their silence.

In an attempt to profit even more out of their personal drama with Teresa, the Gorgas went on MelGo’s On Display podcast to address the”elephant in the room,” according to E! Online. MelGo, as usual, gave us nothing. The bulk of the drama went down while the RHONJ ladies were filming the finale, so she couldn’t say a peep about her reasons for not going to the wedding. She mildly addressed all of the rumors as to what the feud was about. “The stories that are out there are obviously not coming from my camp. So, pay attention,” she said. OK, who is in “Camp MelGo”? Joey G anddddd? Her long-lost sister? This just makes her sound guilty of feeding into the online chatter so that people keep talking about her. If you’ve been paying attention to the Teresa Giudice show, it’s pretty easy to read MelGo like a book.

They didn’t confirm whether or not Tre sent them a bill for skipping out on the lavish party at the last minute, but that’s the last of their issues. Joe Gorga spent the entire time being emotional about his family betrayals. It was a pretty typical spiel coming from him. “I’m just shocked at the way I’m treated by my own family, my blood,” he said. “That’s what kills me. Every day, you have to live a life like that.” Honestly, I feel bad for the kids caught in the middle of this situation and that’s it. The Gorgas and Giudices will never see eye-to-eye, they just need to figure it out so that the kids don’t suffer.

Joe then went on to say some nonsense about how much strangers love the Gorgas, but his own sister can’t.”I can meet a stranger and they can know right away, they’re like, ‘Yo, this guy’s great, I love him, he’s awesome, he’s real,’” Tarzan continued. “And then it’s shocking when I go and see our family. Why am I getting treated that way?” Alright, Joe, well your sister met the queen of RHODubai AKA a stranger and that stranger had the decency to support her love bubble with Luis. Side note: I need Dina Manzo to chime in on all of this. She was considered Tre’s “chosen family” at one point, but something ahead of this wedding seemingly was big enough to break that apart.

At least Tre has the unwavering support of Juicy Joe Giudice. He wasn’t the best husband, but he’s a pretty good ex-husband who is familiar with the Gorgas schtick. They were the ones that hijacked Tre on her own show in the first place. However, the drama surrounding Tre’s wedding was as complex as her hair, and we’ll have to wait for RHONJ to come back to untangle it all.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]