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Meredith Marks Denies Dissing Lisa Barlow’s Home Renovations; Calls It “Absurd” That Lisa Blamed That For RHOSLC Hot Mic Moment

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is truly hitting a strange stride in its third season. It’s seemingly only a matter of time before Jen Shah goes to jail and relinquishes her snowflake for good. The usual Bad Weather duo are feuding *Whitney Rose voice* “for rill” like never before. Lisa Barlow is alone on an island after her hot mic moment about Meredith Marks tore apart a 10-year friendship.

Every fan remembers the RHOSLC trip to Zion that will go down in infamy. Baby Gorgeous had a hot mic moment where she threw some truly harrowing disses at Meredith. They included calling her a “whore” and alleging that she slept “with half of New York,” among other insults. It was so wild that some people were questioning whether or not Lisa, who was born for reality TV, planned the moment on purpose. It’s caused Meredith to disengage completely from Lisa. In the wildest turn of events ever, Meredith Marks now trusts Jen Shah more than Lisa Barlow. What a world.

During the Season 2 RHOSLC reunion, Lisa tried to apologize to Meredith and rationalize why she threw blows at Meredith, her business, and her family. Long story short, she claimed that she heard Meredith was making fun of Lisa’s home renovations and called them “s—tty.” Only in Lisa’s world is this a valid excuse. Meredith recently appeared at a live taping of Page Six’s Virtual Reali-Tea podcast to clear the air about Lisa’s wild allegations.

Meredith has been having a good laugh now with the hot mic moment, making merch to profit off of it. However, she doubled down to Page Six that she never said anything negative about Lisa’s home. “First of all, I never even saw her house finished,” Meredith explained. “She doesn’t invite people over, so I’ve been to her house twice.” Apparently, both of those visits to Chateau de Barlow took place while the RHOSLC cameras were rolling. It’s a very interesting dynamic for two people who have been friends for over a decade. But, that’s a mystery to solve for another day.

To drive her point home further, Meredith said during those visits, the renovations weren’t even complete. “It was absurd,” she added. “Of course, I didn’t say that, because they weren’t even finished.” I’m expecting Lisa to go on a Twitter rampage in an attempt to clear her name in this debacle. I only hope she finds a way to continue this fight with Meredith to the tune of “Away in a Manger.”


[Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images]