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Teddi Mellencamp Says She Knew That Kyle Richards and Crystal Kung-Minkoff Wouldn’t Get Along

Ever since Teddi Mellencamp was fired from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it seems like this girl has become the MVP of reality television. She sits on her podcast with Tamra Judge and talks about who’s a good fit for the Real Housewives and who isn’t. She went on Celebrity Big Brother (and was sent home first) because she was “too real.” And now, she’s giving out tips and pointers to cast members that took her spot.

According to heavy., Teddi spilled some tea on a recent episode of #NoFilter with Zack Peter podcast about her bestie Kyle Richards and another friend, Crystal Kung-Minkoff. Although Teddi is no longer on the show and has yet to film with both Kyle and Crystal in a Real Housewives setting, Teddi said she knew the pair weren’t going to get along.

“I knew from the beginning that they weren’t probably going to hit it off,” she said. I wonder why that is? Kyle and Crystal didn’t have a rocky relationship until Crystal’s second season. I don’t understand why. Maybe Kyle feels like she has to haze the new girls a little bit to roll in her circle, and if that’s the case, Crystal wasn’t having it. And clearly, that shocked Kyle, who went back and forth with Crystal during a good portion of the RHOBH Season 12 reunion.

Kyle took a lot of heat from fans this year for her treatment of her co-stars Sutton Stracke and Garcelle Beauvais. Kyle did go into hiding for a little but eventually apologized privately and publicly to both of her cast mates for her atrocious behavior. Teddi believes the entire cast could learn and thing or two about accountability (except I wouldn’t let her be the one to teach me.)

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Teddi explained, “I think Kyle can admit when she is making mistakes a little bit, and be like ‘oh I really stepped in it there. I was wrong there, shoot, now watching that back that wasn’t great,’ but Crystal kind of doubles down.”

Teddi said that she actually knew Crystal before she appeared on RHOBH, as they used to attend the same Mommy and Me classes. She said that she “referred” Crystal to the show and “was thrilled that she did it.”

Despite Crystal’s beef with Kyle, it looks like it isn’t stopping her from continuing her relationship with Teddi. “I think it was pretty cool at BravoCon, she came up to me, I was having lunch with my producers from the podcast and Crystal was sitting, you know, over in the corner and she came up to me and she was like ‘Listen, I know, you’ve got to do whatever, you’ve got to say whatever you are going to say, that’s your job, I’m not going to be mad at you,'” Teddi revealed.

However, she did give a little critique to the RHOBH newbie. “I just wish she would show a little bit more of what I see in her as a person as a Housewife,” Teddi said. And a major sigh here. Teddi, if and when you get your diamond back, or half a diamond, I’m hoping you apply these same notes to yourself while filming because we ALL know you could’ve used it.


[Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo]