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Kyle Richards And Mauricio Umansky Apologized To Garcelle Beauvais For Laughing At Erika Jayne Cursing At Garcelle’s Son

I’m just going to say it – Kyle Richards is having the season she deserves. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills OG has been catching a lot of heat from fans. And it’s about damn time. Most of us have been on the Kyle hate-train for awhile. But having been on the show for so many years, it’s easy to lose sight of just how terrible she can be. This season, it’s front and center and fans have had it.

Let me paint a picture. At Garcelle Beauvais’ birthday party, a slurring Erika Jayne hit on Garcelle’s married adult son. Later in the evening, Erika cursed at her 14 year-old son. “Get the f–k out of here,” she said to him multiple times after he tried to get a centerpiece to take home for his mom. And Kyle seemed to find this funny. Actually, not just Kyle. But husband Mauricio Umansky, Dorit Kemsley and PK Kemsley all got together and had a good laugh about it.

Kyle took plenty of backlash for calling Erika’s actions “not funny … but funny.” As reported by Page Six, she’s now doing some major damage control. Kyle said on an Amazon livestream, “You’d think after 12 years, I would know better, but we screwed up — I did. I messed up.” She also added that Mauricio apologized as well after he called Erika’s behavior “great.”

This is a very different account in which Kyle previously gave. After a teaser clip of the incident hit social media ahead of the actual episode, Kyle was inundated with pissed off viewers. Kyle quickly tried to explain herself. She stated, “I was laughing at a friend’s drunken behavior as one does sometimes. Nothing to do with disrespecting anyone’s child especially.”

When asked if she had spoken with Garcelle, she blamed the fact that she is out of the country. Kyle inexplicably responded, “Actually no, because I’m in London. I don’t know what time [it is], it’s 2am or something right now, I’m not even sure.” Does Kyle know that text messaging works no matter what time of day or time zone? Or that she could maybe think to call Garcelle before talking to press? She’s the worst.

But Kyle is now claiming that she did immediately apologize but it was “personal.” And that she didn’t want to “go tell everybody about it.” She went on, “But I’m saying it now because a lot of people don’t think I apologized to her, but my husband and I did immediately.”


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Kyle then acknowledged that she “never should have commented on something that [she] hadn’t even seen [for herself].” Kyle wasn’t present for the moment when Erika yelled at Garcelle’s son.

But Dorit was front and center, laughing the whole time. And told Kyle in the same clip, “It’s really why I can give a major pass and of course, it’s not my child. She had a few drinks, she doesn’t get like that. I don’t think I can ever remember a time where she was that loose and free.” So I’m genuinely baffled how Dorit isn’t getting any blowback on this one too.


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Regardless, Kyle stated that she’s “sorry if [she] disappointed anybody in that moment.” She also took a moment to make herself the victim. She shared that the controversy caused her to “stop watching the show” in order to “disconnect from that a bit.”

As for Garcelle, a fan originally alerted her to the clip of the group laughing at the situation. They asked her on Twitter if she saw the clip prior or while watching the actual episode. Garcelle responded, “Nope never saw this scene until now.”


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