Kyle Richards Says Crystal Kung Minkoff “Flat Out Lied” About Her Conversation With Sutton Stracke

We are 5 episodes into Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. And we are still watching the cast browbeat Crystal Kung Minkoff. All because she used the word “dark.” It’s fine if you don’t like Crystal. But watching the Fox Force Five gang up on her over and over again is getting old. Yes, it would make things a lot easier if Crystal just revealed what was so dark about what Sutton Stracke said. But I have a feeling that no matter what Sutton said, the women would dismiss Crystal’s feelings. Just like they did with the coat incident last year.

Either way, I would like the see the cast move on to more interesting topics. Like Erika Jayne’s tax problems or more importantly, where Kathy Hilton is. But I’m not going to get my way (at least for now) and it seems like the ladies of RHOBH are perfectly happy to talk about Crystal to avoid any of their own issues. And leading the pack on this one, as usual, is Kyle Richards.

As reported by Reality Blurb, Kyle recently made an appearance on Watch What Happens Live to discuss a multitude of things. But also to call Crystal a liar. When asked about the whole Crystal/Sutton situation, Kyle dove right in. She stated of Crystal, “She flat out lied.” Ok, then. Kyle went on to explain, “What happened was is that she’s a newbie and a rookie and she didn’t think that they would use the thing they call a ‘flashback’ so then when we showed the flashback, and it clearly wasn’t enough for her and the audience or whatever, she came on here and said, ‘Oh it’s actually worse than that.’ No actually. Guess what Crystal? They would have shown it because [Bravo] does us no favors as you know.” Eeep!

Andy Cohen, who hosted Crystal on the show only a few days before, responded, “Well that is true.” But is it? Let’s set Crystal aside for a moment. If Bravo doesn’t do the cast any favors, why did viewers never get to see the footage of Dorit Kemsley being chased around the pool on a cast trip by a woman accusing her of ripping off her Beverly Beach business partner? And if ?Bravo does no favors, why is it that Kyle never had to address the lawsuits against husband Mauricio Umansky? Is that not an important part of her life? We certainly see enough of Mauricio and The Agency on RHOBH.

Those are just two examples of RHOBH cast members not having to address things that viewers have been reading headlines about. So spare me, Kyle – Bravo absolutely does you favors. With that said, Crystal did originally say that the pool conversation with Sutton was what she considered “dark.” But on the WWHL episode I mentioned, she told Andy there was more to it. And in trying to give Crystal the benefit of the doubt, maybe it was off camera. Maybe I’m so intent on giving Crystal some grace because of my dislike of Kyle. Either way, I don’t know what the truth is. But at this point, I just want to move on to juicier topics!

Finally, Andy addressed Crystal’s commentary that Kyle doesn’t know what “gaslighting” means. Kyle retorted, “She sat there and told me three times, ‘You were too drunk. You don’t remember.’ I wasn’t even there when the conversation happened. If that’s not gaslighting, what is?”


[Photo Credit: Bravo]