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Sutton Stracke Calls Out Kyle Richards For Her “Aggressive” Behavior During Sutton’s Argument With Diana Jenkins

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills “OG” Kyle Richards has inserted herself in the middle of the drama this season. After Dorit Kemsley’s horrific home invasion, Kyle slammed RHOBH co-star Sutton Stracke for her reaction. While chronicling the events of her day, Sutton stated, “I mean, I wasn’t held at gunpoint. I’m sorry.” Is that appropriate? No. And Sutton apologized.

Garcelle Beauvais was concerned about Erika Jayne’s alcohol-infused behavior this season, and Kyle stood up for Erika. At Garcelle’s birthday party, a drunken Erika propositioned Garcelle’s eldest son, Oliver Saunders, and swore at her 14-year-old son, Jax.

Later on, Kyle and her husband, Mauricio Umanksy, Dorit, and her husband, PK Kemsley, hung out and laughed about Erika’s behavior. “I think it’s great that she did that,” Mauricio said of Erika swearing at Jax. Kyle agreed.

Queens of Bravo shared Kyle’s Twitter response after experiencing some backlash for those remarks. “I was laughing about a friend’s drunken, ridiculous behavior. NOT about disrespecting someone’s child,” Kyle wrote.

When Sutton tried to talk to newbie Diana Jenkins about her miscarriage at Garcelle’s party, everything went left. Sutton shared that she understood because she had suffered two miscarriages.

Kyle dove into the conversation and implied that Sutton was lying. Kyle never misses an opportunity to throw Sutton under the bus. “You’ve lost two babies? I’ve never heard this before,” Kyle stated.

Sutton replied that her miscarriages are a “very personal thing.” Kyle stated, “I love you, but this feels like bulls–t.”

Sutton was shocked. She told Kyle that was the “meanest thing” Kyle had “ever said” to her. Meanwhile, Kyle was shoving Sutton. There was no need for Kyle to be grabbing at her.

Kyle hit up her Instagram Stories to try and explain her obnoxious behavior. “I immediately called Sutton and apologized to her. I consider Sutton a close friend and care about her a lot,” Kyle wrote. “Sutton accepted my apology and we moved on.” Kyle added that “maybe Sutton was sharing her story with Diana to connect with her in some way.” Duh.

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Reality Blurb! reported that Sutton discussed Kyle’s miscarriage comments during an interview with US Weekly. “I regret that Kyle came into the conversation. I don’t think she was in a place that night to have a deep conversation that I was trying to have with Diana… and that part was hard to watch back,” Sutton explained. “But I just wanted to work things out.”

So, how does Sutton feel about the blowback that Kyle experienced? She is fine with it. “And I think that Kyle has, I think she feels really badly about her behavior, and she’s apologized to me. We’re good friends, and we’ve moved on,” Sutton stated.

“So, it’s so interesting how the audience gets so involved… I think the biggest takeaway is we should never touch each other like that in such an aggressive way,” the boutique owner remarked. “Because it doesn’t help. That didn’t solve any problems,” Sutton added.


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