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Andy Cohen Responds To Ryan Seacrest’s Claims He Ignored Him During Their NYE Broadcasts

The drama between Andy Cohen and Ryan Seacrest continues! After a fun weekend of New Year’s Eve celebrations and live broadcasts, the American Idol host revealed on Live with Kelly and Ryan that the Watch What Happens Live host ignored him the night of the ball drop.

“It was funny because my big stage was right in front of Anderson [Cooper] and Andy,” Ryan said. “When I was not working, I was trying to get their attention.”

Ryan continued, “And Anderson, the best. He turns around and he says, ‘Have a good show.’ Very nice. Andy did not turn around.”

OMG. I mean, what is going on with these two? Are they fighting with each other to see who will remain supreme? There should be ZERO competition between these two, as they both host very different shows. AND there are no comparisons whatsoever!

Fortunately for Andy, his BFF Kelly Ripa came to his defense, telling Ryan, “That’s not true. He [Andy] said he was trying to get your attention.”

But now, it might be too late. Ryan has awakened the beast. On his Sirius XM Radio show, Andy Cohen Live, Andy assured his listeners he “didn’t see Anderson turn around and wave,” per Entertainment Tonight.

“Usually what Anderson will do… if he’s waving at Ryan, he’ll say to me, ‘Hey, there’s Ryan… And then I’ll turn around and wave or I’ll say, ‘There’s Ryan,’ but he didn’t do that,” Andy revealed. And in true Bravo fashion, the WWHL host even called his bestie, Anderson, to back him up. Anderson confirmed Andy’s version of events.

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“There were a couple times I looked to see if he was around and I hadn’t seen him. And then there was one time I just turned and he was there over by where they do that hourly, like, countdown,” Anderson explained. “… I saw him and we both waved and I said, ‘Have a great new year’ or ‘a great show.'”

As far as why Anderson didn’t get Andy’s attention, he said, “You were talking. You were involved [with] some producer.”

Anderson continued, “It all happened so fast. It wasn’t a big deal… Every year we always say hi to him… So I assumed maybe you had previously and I was just catching up,” Anderson said. He added, “I’m sorry if that wasn’t failing on my part. I hope that didn’t contribute or anything. I thought I saw you waving or something.” Awww, Anderson is such a gentleman. Clearly, the catty fighting that we’re used to seeing on Bravo shows is still all new to the CNN anchor. Although he’s been on WWHL many times and even said NeNe Leakes was his favorite Housewife at one point.

Andy and Ryan’s drama started brewing last week when Ryan said he agreed with CNN’s decision to cut AC2 off from alcohol while they’re hosting their show. “I don’t advocate drinking when one is on the air,” he said. “I don’t know how that started as a tradition but it’s probably a good idea [to scale back], CNN.”


[Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images]