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Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Alum Teddi Mellencamp Reveals “Three New Spots” On Her Back Had To Be Biopsied After Being Declared Cancer-Free

Let’s all take off our snark hats for just one second. I promise it will be brief. As fans and viewers of the Real Housewives franchise, we don’t always get along and we don’t always agree. That said, when dealing with struggle or despair, we’re all one big messy team. It’s time to show support for a former member.

Cancer sucks. F**k cancer. You can smoke 10 packs of menthols a day and live to be 99 years old. Or you can be the person that watches their weight, takes care of their body, and still winds up with a Stage 4 diagnosis somewhere. It isn’t fair and the scary reality is, every single one of us will be touched by cancer in some manner. Former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Teddi Mellencamp is having some issues. So, we’re going to throw some good vibes her way and get the story from Page Six.

A month after being told she was cancer-free, Teddi found out she needed to have additional spots biopsied and screened for melanoma. She took to Instagram and wrote, “First off, I am forever appreciative of the outpouring of love and support.” Teddi also shared a group of photos showing off her neck and bandaged back.

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Teddi said, “Now an update: I went in for my 4-6 week checkup and there were three new spots my doctors felt needed to be biopsied.” Teddi explained she has been asked numerous times why patches on her back are white. She continued, “I’ve got both white and brown melanomas.”

She revealed that she recently discovered a bulge on her neck, which made her worried. Teddi claimed she initially believed the lump “was nothing” and that her ultrasound results “came back irregular.” If you are a female who has ever had anything biopsied, you know this feeling. You also know how terrifying it is. If you don’t know this feeling, consider yourself extremely fortunate.

“I had the option of a needle biopsy or getting it cut out completely; the doctor recommended the biopsy to start, however there’s a small chance it’ll come back inconclusive and we will then have to remove it,” Teddi said. She is doing her best to stay positive. Teddi assured her followers she will update when the results come back.

“As someone who is a controlled person, I’m dealing as best I can with something out of my control. Things I can control: staying on top of my appointments, self-checks, and asking my doctors questions,” Teddi said.

Welcome to the wonderful world of compartmentalization. It is a handy dandy defense strategy to avoid the unpleasantness of contradiction by cognitively separating opposing thoughts, feelings, or experiences. She’s definitely on the right track by not obsessively Googling or allowing her mind to go to that dark place. Teddi said, “If this saves even one person from going through what I’m going through, it’s worth it.”

Teddi disclosed in October 2022 that she had undergone surgery to have melanomas and lymph nodes removed from her back after receiving a stage 2 melanoma diagnosis. Her buddy Kyle Richards actually pointed the suspicious areas out to Teddi, which might have saved her life. Thanks to Teddi for sharing this valuable information and best wishes to her for a full recovery and clear diagnosis.


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