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Mya Allen Defends Summer House Co-Star Kyle Cooke After He Claims Carl Radke Was “Coked Out” At LoverBoy

Summer House Season 7 is giving dysfunction. Relationships between the crew have shifted and feelings are clearly hurt. Mya Allen has definitely taken a class in reality television because she is all up in it. Out of the numerous black clouds covering the cast, the struggling bromance between Kyle Cooke and Carl Radke is front and center.

Kyle is the man in charge of the LoverBoy beverage empire. Carl has been working for Kyle for the past three years. Kyle employed Carl during a very difficult time in his life and by all accounts, this only proved to strengthen their friendship. Carl is now engaged to another Summer House OG, Lindsay Hubbard. He has since left his position at LoverBoy and Carl’s relationship with Kyle has become frosty.

On the most recent episode of the new season, Kyle had a meltdown and decided to take Carl’s past issues with substance abuse with him. Mya is apparently Team Kyle in this particular war of words. Us Weekly has the details.

Mya jumps to Kyle’s defense after he unloaded some news that shocked no one. She did confess she found Kyle’s rant about Carl “jarring.” She also shared Kyle has been quite frustrated by his work relationship with Carl as of late. “I also think Kyle has his own truth and the narrative that’s been dominating a lot of this is not what’s happening from Kyle’s perspective of LoverBoy. So having had time to sit down with him, I understand his frustrations,” she said.

Mya added, “Is it something I would’ve done? Probably not. But I also get that if Lindsay and Carl are controlling the narrative, why wouldn’t Kyle feel the need to speak up for himself?” And judging by episode two, Mya’s friendship with Lindsay has also cooled down. Might be fair to say at this point Lindsay’s only friend is Carl.

Kyle and Carl’s conflict reached a breaking point when Carl neglected to give Kyle adequate notice he would be attending a wedding during the work week. Kyle and his mullet vented to the housemates about the drama while Carl and Lindsay were out of town. He basically told them he gave Carl a job when no one else would because Carl liked the smell of cocaine.

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Kyle said, “When I hired him, he was unhireable. [He] showed up to work drunk. He showed up one day so coked out that he didn’t bring his computer to work.” I don’t think it’s any big secret Carl’s past drug use impacted his life. I do think it was in poor taste to call out past drug use by someone actively on a recovery journey because you don’t like his girlfriend you’re mad.

We also have Kyle telling Amanda Batula that Carl’s work has suffered since he and Lindsay became serious. “Ever since he’s been dating Lindsay, he’s been doing less,” Kyle shared. According to Mya, Carl and Lindsay have been “trying to” influence how incidents that happened throughout the summer are portrayed on the show. Overall Mya doesn’t believe Carl’s friendship with Lindsay was the cause of his quarrel with Kyle.

Mya explained, “I don’t think Lindsay’s dividing a wedge between them or putting something in between them to make them not friendly. I just think that there’s too much that’s happened. And just once you watch the end of the season, I think you’ll see that it’s just, like, almost too far gone. I don’t know how they could recover from that. I’m not in the relationship. I do wish them the best, but I would not be able to move forward in that,” she added.

It’s a sad state of affairs in the house this year. We have break ups, bad hair, and battling power couple dynamics. So far, this summer is definitely not fun but hopefully the gang can pull it together. It’s tough to watch but I suppose anything is better than the Wirkus Twins.


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