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Real Housewives Of Miami Season 5 Finale Recap: Alexia Echevarria And Marysol Patton Aren’t Buying Tickets To Adriana De Moura’s Apology Tour

Unfortunately, the time has come for Real Housewives of Miami Season 5 to end. The series of episodes gave us so much in so little time, and it’s truly a season we’ll forever look back on in awe. Thankfully, the reunion episodes are gearing up to feature the ladies rehashing plenty of drama from the previous season. In this episode, Guerdy Abraira hosts a finale party for the ages, because of the over-the-top decor and the behavior of her guests.

Adriana De Moura is on her apology tour after royally angering Alexia Echevarria and Marysol Patton. The analogy about Frankie Rosello’s accident was just the final straw for the two messy Miami ladies, but Adriana works hard to claw her way back into their friendship. Here are the five major takeaways from the RHOM episode “Melting Pot Meltdown.”

Guerdy Communicates Best Through Parties

Guerdy hosts her Miami melting pot party to bring the ladies together after a Bahamas trip that she can only describe as a “sh-t show.” The party is over-the-top with a light display, a smoke machine, custom neon signs, and plenty of liquid courage. All of the ladies agree to go, even though Alexia and Marysol want nothing to do with Adriana. Regardless, Guerdy tries her best and the effort shows off in the amazing party she was able to throw.

Guerdy literally flew bartenders in from New York and transformed a concrete storage unit into a Miami jungle. I’ve never wanted so badly to be invited to a party in my life, and this one was still filled with chaos and drama. “Guerdy’s a great party planner, but let’s see if she’s also a miracle worker,” Nicole Martin jokes at the beginning of the celebration. When the party starts, Guerdy struggles to get the ladies to actually listen to her, even when she stands up to give a speech. However, the love that Guerdy has for her friends is best expressed through the personalized party she threw for them, which I understood loud and clear during this episode.

Marysol Must Be Drinking A Real Bitter Cocky

Marysol and Alexia kick the episode off by talking about Adriana (go figure). They’re totally done being her friend and have written her off completely. Lisa Hochstein tries her best to get the ladies to hear Adriana out before Guerdy’s party, but it’s an impossible task when this duo gets too fired up. At the party, Adriana stands up to apologize to both ladies. She specifically apologizes to Marysol for making rude comments about her ex-boyfriend. It seemed sincere, even Lisa commented so, but Marysol already wrote off Adriana. It’d be too much work to hear her out and actually heal from the situation. She always seems to rather mask those feelings with a few cockys than confront them. Oy vey.

Marysol doesn’t take any part of Adriana’s apology seriously. Adriana chalked up her behavior to her having a mental breakdown, reiterating that there was no excuse for her to hurt her friends. Marysol called it a horrible excuse. “I’ve been in a worse position than her and I didn’t do that to my friends,” the Cocky Queen shouts. Marysol keeps bringing up the years she spent defending Adriana only to be metaphorically punched in the face. What does she think would be a suitable punishment for her new enemy? She wants Adriana to stay at home for a year and take a vow of silence. Ouch. The two clearly don’t resolve any of their issues at this dinner, but it mostly seems due to Marysol’s stubbornness in her stance toward her old friend.

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Julia And Martina Are Worth Rooting For

I have consistently mentioned in the new era of RHOM that Julia Lemigova is such a special star. She loves taking pickle shots and talking to goats more than people, so that’s a woman of my own heart. In this episode, we see Julia working overtime to mend her relationship problems with Martina Navratilova. The pair have been distant this season, but Julia says she realized she needed to stop focusing on herself and put some of that effort into her relationship. Yeah, and it seems like showing Martina a little more affection than Adriana is working out for Julia.

The pair look over the moon in love. They’re waiting any day to receive a call about adopting a baby into their home. Martina can barely finish her entree before asking Julia to run home and jump in bed. It’s heartwarming to see their relationship get into such a good place, and it couldn’t have come at a better time considering Martina’s cancer diagnosis. This couple stands out on RHOM in the best way possible, and I hope there’s more to see of them in the future of the show.

Adriana Has A Lot Of Work To Do

Adriana is obviously embarking on a healing journey of her own. She needs to get out of the funk that she’s alone and embrace her friends rather than stirring the pot. She shows up to Guerdy’s dinner with her tail between her legs, ready to apologize. Alexia is apprehensive but seems open to the idea of the future of reconciliation. She keeps harping on Adriana needing to show her she’s sorry rather than just saying it, which will be the true test. I smell Season 6. We know Marysol isn’t on #TeamAdriana, but the other cast members seem to finally realize that Adriana needs support, not shade.

Larsa Pippen actually provides both at Guerdy’s party, as we’d expect from Miss Messy Boots herself. Her new strategy is to compliment Adriana so much that she gets sick of it since she obviously needs attention. Alright, I guess this counts as progress. Lisa and Guerdy both stand up to defend Adriana’s character and heart at the dinner, especially after Marysol threw some low blows. Adriana is at a crossroads that’s very important. She’s focusing on her music career, which is great. But hopefully, she’s putting the same amount of effort into becoming a better friend, for her own sake.

The Lisa And Lenny Circus Isn’t Ending Anytime Soon

It’d be ludicrous to close out Season 5 of RHOM without one more mention of Lisa and Lenny Hochstein. Lisa starts the episode feuding with her mother-in-law and feeling extremely lonely amidst her divorce. It’s why she relies on her friends, like Alexia and Marysol, who come over to play with her kids and drink Lenny’s good wine. It’s hilarious to watch them sit in Lisa’s house on eggshells because they’re worried Lenny is going to walk in. “I’m not going to lie, we talk a lot of sh-t about Lenny,” Marysol said during a confessional. I’d be scared too, girl. We’ve seen the wrath of that man when the cameras are rolling.

The episode ends on a weird note for Lisa and Lenny. They bring up that the ex-couple co-hosted their annual Halloween party together. While filming a confessional, Lisa reads a story about Lenny claiming she was romancing two guys at the party. She calls Lenny to ream him out, mentioning that his new girlfriend couldn’t even show up to the party because she has a restraining order on Lisa. It’s a lot to process. She mentioned that Lenny was the one actually flirting with other girls at the party she claims he made her throw. Girl, have you learned nothing? Stop trying to play nice with this man! All I know is that based on Lisa’s ending, there will be a lot more of this drama in RHOM’s future.


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