SUMMER HOUSE -- Season:7 -- Pictured: (l-r) Paige DeSorbo, Ciara Miller, Carl Radke, Lindsay Hubbard, Amanda Batula, Kyle Cooke, Danielle Olivera, Gabby Prescod, Chris Leoni, Mya Allen, Samantha Feher -- (Photo by: Sasha IsraelBravo)

Summer House Season 7 Episode 11 Recap: Don’t Spiral…Seriously, Don’t

Last week’s episode of Summer House ended with Danielle Olivera screaming into a pillow during her heart-to-heart with Carl Radke. But never fear! The former flames-turned-besties’ conversation actually gets better from there. Thanks to both sides listening and responding with care, the pair have a productive conversation about the drama brewing between Danielle and Lindsay Hubbard. And the state of Lindsay’s relationship with Carl. And Danielle’s concern over how quickly is moving. But they end up being able to hug it out and everything feels great….for a moment.

You Love A Pity Party!

Re-enter Lindsay from stage left, ready to blow all the good vibes to smithereens. She’s drunk from her night out, and HubbHouse doesn’t take kindly to hearing that Carl made peace with Danielle. Like…at all. You’d think she would be happy about any step in the right direction. Instead, she’s furious with Carl for not ripping into Danielle and taking her side in their feud. As Lindsay herself explains, this should all be about her and Carl should’ve fallen in line to support her.

The argument is particularly interesting considering it’s the first on-camera fight we’ve witnessed from the perfect couple all season. But even as Carl visibly shuts down, Lindsay is a dog with a bone and just will not let the issue go. To the point that it left me wondering, does she really want to make up with Danielle at all? At the very least she does NOT want to hear Carl seeing Danielle’s point of view. She wants him to have an opinion, but only if it’s the opinion she wants him to have. And while their closed-door, lights-out arguing is overheard by multiple members of the house, everything is picture perfect again by the next morning. It’s like nothing even happened.

A Boost Of Testosterone

Meanwhile, romance continues to heat up between Samantha Feher and Kory Keefer. In fact, the Winter House f-boy is so enmeshed in the show now that he even gets his own confessionals. And honestly, his big personality is exactly the jolt the show needed. Not only does Kory help balance out the overwhelming ratio of men to women in the house this season, but he immediately gave us another storyline to focus on by setting his sights on the newbie. Not gonna lie, I’m kind of here for it. Why wasn’t Kory here the whole time?

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It’s Weird Being A Woman

Amid the main drama between Danielle, Lindsay, and Carl, Amanda Batula‘s trying to give us some sort of a B-plot. I didn’t even mention it in my recap, but last week, she took some sort of DIY fertility test with help from Paige DeSorbo and Ciara Miller. It involved a small finger prick and sending blood samples into a lab by mail — they all took the test together.

And while Amanda‘s (and Paige‘s) results come back relatively normal, Ciara is the one who’s in for an unwelcome surprise. According to the online test, not only could she start menopause before the average age of 51, she has fewer than the normal amount of eggs for her age. That’s not the news she wanted to hear. Plus, the mystery of Amanda’s fertility and hormone issues remains unsolved for now.

A Broken Three-Legged Stool

After a game of too-intense military-inspired games planned by Chris Leoni, Carl downloaded Danielle on his fight with Lindsay. Of course, he blamed himself for not relaying their previous conversation to his girlfriend well enough. Carlito, this is not your fault. And in the middle of their chat — prompted by Kyle Cooke — Lindsay interrupted and the talk turned into World War Who’s Counting Anymore.

As Danielle and Lindsay go another round, Carl once again visibly shuts down. Kyle’s attempts at advocating for Danielle (“She literally just wants to be seen by her best friends”) fall on deaf ears. Lindsay is both completely defensive and utterly accusatory. And Danielle ends up walking away in tears and ready to punch a wall. The further these two get down this road, the less I feel they can come back from it.

The Ring (2023)

The weekend ends and despite the multiple bumps with Danielle, nothing’s going to derail the RadHouse train. Exhibit A: in the middle of the week, Carl goes to a non-descript jewelry store somewhere in New York City to pick up the package. Containing the giant ring he plans on using to propose to Lindsay. Which might happen…next week?


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