SUMMER HOUSE -- "Firework Starter" Episode 303 -- Pictured: (l-r) Danielle Olivera, Lindsay Hubbard -- (Photo by: Mark Sagliocco/Bravo)

Summer House Star Danielle Olivera Believes Lindsay Hubbard Wanted To Portray A “Perfect” Romance With Carl Radke; Danielle Is Upset She Wasn’t Involved In Their Engagement

Summer House is in the midst of Season 7, and the dynamics are somehow messier than in the old days. Remember when the house was run by the Wirkus Cirus? Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke’s relationship is rubbing everyone the wrong way. It’s impacted Carl’s professional and personal life. These are ultimately tied together considering Kyle Cooke is his (now former) boss. Lindsay always seems to enter the house ready to fight a battle. But this year, she won’t even fully have Danielle Olivera by her side.

Danielle started off her summer in the Hamptons by defending Carl and Lindsay to death. Her other housemates were starting to plant the seeds that Danielle is a better friend to her amigos than they are to her. We know that Carl and Lindsay’s engagement will set off a lot of problems in the share house. Now, Danielle is spilling a little more tea before the engagement episode airs.

Danielle recently spoke to People to discuss the shifting dynamics of her friendship with Carl and Lindsay. She believes the summer started off in a weird place because Carl and Lindsay were so hyper-focused on one another. Specifically, she believes they were fixated on how the cameras were capturing their relationship.

“They knew their relationship would be put under a microscope, having seen Kyle and Amanda [Batula]’s relationship be put under a microscope, and they wanted to be as close to perfect as possible,” Danielle said. That statement is very telling. There seems to be an abundance of problems that fans are not privy to that have the Summer House friendships so rocked. It’s important to remember that the hour we’re watching every week is just a small piece of the full picture.

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As for Danielle’s concerns for Lindsay and Carl’s relationship, it comes down to a classic case of moving too fast. Danielle believes the couple should have spent some more time living together before jumping into a commitment like marriage. “Because I want them to last, I think they should pass the honeymoon phase and get through some really tough conversations before you make this leap,” she said. Danielle obviously has a point considering her recent breakup with Robert Sieber. I’m with Dani though — let’s hope Carl and Lindsay can make this work aside from the red flags.

Any good friend like Danielle obviously brought up these concerns to Lindsay, who wasn’t very open to receiving it. AKA, HubbHouse got activated. Dani believes she thought the worst of her line of questioning. Dani felt like her two besties were taking an us “against the world” approach. The couple wouldn’t even hear what she was trying to say. Therefore, going into their engagement, the trio’s friendship was totally out of wack.

The fans know that the engagement was a catalyst for a lot of drama, and Dani seems to confirm that theory. “The way the engagement happened is more of the reason for my reaction because I just wasn’t involved at all,” Danielle explained. “No one wants to see Lindsay get engaged more than I do. I’ve always been rooting for her and it would’ve been nice to be more a part of it.”

We’ll have to wait and see how Carl’s entire engagement plan went down, but it does seem like a no-brainer that Danielle would at least be aware it was happening beforehand. Now, it seems like Lindsay’s defacto maid-of-honor might be shocked to even be invited to her old bestie’s wedding. In general, all I can keep thinking about is who will make their Bravo wedding guest list, since Kyle and co. are so anti-Lindsay these days. Very sad.


[Photo Credit: Mark Sagliocco/Bravo]