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Summer House Star Sam Feher Confirms She Is Dating Kory Keefer

He’s been claimed. Kory Keefer has turned multiple heads in the Winter House during his time on Season 2. We know the gym owner gravitates toward blondes. Also, he doesn’t want to be pushed to label anything. So it must be love now that Kory and Summer House star Sam Feher made it official.

It seems the atmosphere at Summer House and Winter House is rife for hookups. Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard found love and are now engaged. Their wedding may be filmed for a Bravo special. Paige DeSorbo and Southern Charm star Craig Conover are connected to the show. Fellow Southerner Austen Kroll pursued Ciara Miller during his stint on Winter House. Then totally dismissed her in the Hamptons. But that’s a separate drama.

But now we have a new Bravolebrity couple. Page Six confirmed the news in a recent interview. Sam told the publication, “Kory’s my boyfriend! That is so weird. I haven’t had a boyfriend in so long!” The two met on a recent Summer House episode. That was filmed over the summer of 2022. Yet Kory and Sam only, “made it official a little while ago.”

“It’ll be really fun to watch our love story play out a little bit,” Sam added. “I don’t want to get emotional, but it’s very special to find someone who means so much to you and then get to relive that experience all the time.”

Without sharing the exact timing, Sam confirmed her romance was a “thing” in November 2022. At that time, Kory, and his best friend Craig, appeared on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.

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“This is a crazy insider moment and funny to look back on, [but] when Craig and Kory did Watch What Happens Live for Winter House, Kory and I were dating, but I hadn’t even been announced as cast yet on Summer House, so I’m sitting in the audience all quiet like no one knows who I am,” Sam said.

Sam joined the Bravolebrity ranks by getting close to Craig and Paige. The two couples partied in Paige’s NYC apartment after the taping until 3 a.m.

“We are just all so easy. We get along so well,” Sam said of double-dating with Paige and Craig. “It’s nice that the boys have their own relationship, and then Paige and I have our own relationship separately from our relationships with them. It’s just really fun for the four of us to be around each other. We’re all kind of obsessed with each other, so it’s … a good time,” she added.

Sounds healthy. The two couples also share the challenges of long-distance relationships. Both ladies are based in NYC. Craig lives in Charleston, SC, while Kory lives in Charlotte, NC. But neither couple are ready to move in together full time.

“He always says like, ‘I want to live in New York so badly,’” the Instagram influencer said. “We’re not quite there yet, but he’s like, ‘It’s not a question of whether I’m moving to New York — it’s when.’” Sam added that her man is a “city boy at heart.” Despite Kory’s enthusiasm for outdoor activities on Winter House, she insisted he “feels like the city boy in a country world.”

“I think there’s a time when he’ll be living up here, but until then, I’m more than happy to get out of the city every once in a while to visit him,” Sam explained their setup. “It’s a nice break, honestly.” Sam and Kory just met on the current episode of Summer House. At the time of filming, the influencer called Kory, “the first hot guy” that came into her orbit in “months.”

The chemistry between the two was immediately apparent. Much to Ciara’s dismay.


[Photo Credit: Sasha Israel/Bravo]